Spring Cleaning with my BISSELL® Steam Mop from BEST BUY

I have been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free.  Opinions stated are 100% my own.  

Steaming Through Spring Cleaning

Spring is here!  Yay!  What does that mean for me?  Sneezing.  Itchy, watery eyes….and well, um… decluttering and CLEANING!

Several weeks after a new baby is born is a difficult time to get a lot of cleaning done, but I’m plugging away at it, little by little.  It’s hard because I have so much energy now that I’m not huge, waddling and pregnant, but… I found a tool that did make my life a little bit easier!  It’s the

BISSELL®Symphony™ All in One Vacuum and Steam Mop

Bissell Symphony 1.jpgBissell Symphony side.jpg

I’ve had some fun trying this baby out.  First off, I used it for something that was very unconventional, but something that put my mind at ease a little bit.

My husband and I recently got a great deal on some used furniture that wasn’t more than a couple of years old.  One of those pieces we bought was a used king size bed and mattress.  While it looks brand new, we felt better about steaming any germs out of it first.  So…before this steam mop got any floor time, we used it outside in our front yard on our “new” mattress.

Bissell Steam Mop.jpg

After we steamed the mattress, we brought the steam cleaner in and tried it out on our floors!  All the kids wanted to be involved with using this steam mop.  Who could blame them?  It was fun to see the dirt melt away!  My floor was pretty dirty, but it was hard to get a great picture of just HOW dirty it actually was, but…here’s a decent one:

Bissell Steam Mop

After I was done steaming it, it looked like this:



Not too bad, huh?!  I don’t remember the last time my floors looked so nice.

What I like About the BISSELL® Steam Mop

  • The fact that it has a vacuum that you can use before or during your steaming session.  Yes, seriously!  Talk about a time saver!
  • It helps me to eliminate germs (something we don’t need any of, in a large family of 9!)
  • It doesn’t use any harsh chemicals, just water!
  • It’s easy to use with digital controls, a 5-way adjustable handle, and Quick-Release Mop Pad Tray™
  • It’s so easy to use, even my kids can use it.
  • You can machine wash the Microfiber Mop pads (and wow, did mine ever need to be washed by the time I was done!)

What Comes With the BISSELL® Steam Mop

  • 1 Symphony™ All in One Vacuum and Steam Mop
  • 4 Microfiber mop pads (2 soft, 2 scrubby)
  • 1 Water Filter
  • 1 Water Cup

 Where Can I Buy the BISSELL Symphony Vacuum & Steam Mop?

This amazing product was available at Best Buy beginning April 13th.  There’s a great coupon available right now, too!  You can get Free Mop Pads with Purchase of Bissell Symphony using online code BISSELLSYMPHONY. This offer is valid ONLINE only as the mop pads are not sold in store. Find the steam mop here:  Bissell Steam Mop Vacuum at Bestbuy.com


I really love my Bissell Symphony  Vacuum & Steam Mop.  If you decide to try it out, I know you’ll love it, too!

What I Love About Mom to Mom Diapers

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Mom to Mom.


Mom to Mom.jpg

Little Quinnly is 5 weeks old already!  It’s hard to believe that time is passing by so quickly.  While I’m happy that she’s growing and nursing well, it’s sad how short a time they stay little.  I’m trying my best to enjoy ever moment, although I must confess that I’ve had a little flare up of grumpiness.  Every now and then, I start feeling the need for a break.  A break where no one is crying, nursing or climbing on me.  But then, I think about how lucky I am!  These hard infant days, really don’t last that long.  I’d be crazy to wish them away.  I’m so thankful to get to spend so much time with each of my children.

One of the trying times I’ve had this past week, was that baby has a bad case of diaper rash.  We’re treating it by making sure to change her often, keeping her clean and dry, as well as by using Mom to Mom diapers from Safeway.

Mom to Mom Diapers

Why Mom to Mom Diapers?

  • They have a soft hypoallergenic liner with Vitamin E and Aloe.  It makes me feel better putting this up against her skin, especially when she’s got a diaper rash!
  •  Wetness Indicator – At one month old, it can be hard to tell if the baby has actually wet her diaper, but since the Mom to Mom diapers have a wetness indicator on the front of the diaper, all I have to do is see if the front of her diaper has changed colors at all.  I find that very helpful, since I’m trying to keep her as dry as possible.  I can check to see if she’s wet without stripping her down too far.
  • Perfect Fit Waist – Little Miss Quinnly has enough trouble keeping her pants up.  She doesn’t need a diaper that falls right off, too.  The waist of the Mom to Mom diapers fits great!  They have elastic that stretches enough to give your baby the perfect fit as well as velcro tabs so you can readjust them if you need to.
  • No Leaks Yet!  So far, so good in the leak department.  We’ve haven’t had a single leak since trying out the Mom to Mom Diapers.

Size 1 Diaper

Where Can You Buy Mom to Mom Diapers?

  • You can find Mom to Mom diapers exclusively at Safeway stores.
  • Feel free to visit Mom to Mom on Safeway to learn more about their diapers and other products.

Quinnly and I give the Mom to Mom Diapers a big thumbs up (or in Quinnly’s case, a kick in the air!).

Isn’t she just the cutest little thing?!  I am so blessed to be her mommy!   Mom to Mom Diapers


What do you think?  What’s the most important quality for a baby diaper to have?

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Giveaway: Bethlehem Books $100 Gift Card!

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Are you ready for an awesome giveaway?  As a homeschooler, I believe you can never have too many good books!  Bethlehem Books is just the company to keep you in good books!  Of course, you don’t have to be a homeschooler to use these books!  Anyone can benefit from them!  Would you like the chance to win a $100 gift card for yourself and then one for your friend, too?  That’s what we’re giving away today!  Be sure to tell your friends about it….then if they win, and you don’t, maybe they’ll share with you. But first, let me tell you a little more about Bethlehem Books.


About Our Sponsor

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FOR THOSE of you who don’t know us—Bethlehem Books is a small, home grown publishing company dedicated to restoring to children and families a treasury of wholesome, character-building literature. We are more than just a business. Our work springs from the heart of the Bethlehem Community of Benedictine Oblates, a lay group of families and single people which began in 1971.
Years of educating our children at home had acquainted us with libraries and second-hand stores and had shown us a wealth of good children’s literature published during the last fifty years. To our pleased surprise this appreciation has developed into an actual “rescue mission” of reprinting a few of these good books which rest on solid moral values of a Christian Culture.
We publish tried and true historical fiction, adventure tales, biographies, and family stories which help children and young adults expand their imagination and understand the past. Over the years, we have watched many good books disappear from library shelves. In 1994 we launched our book apostolate to help remedy this situation. So far we have published over eighty books and are looking forward to reprinting many more.

The Prizes

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