Once a Week Cooking – Week 2 – From Freezer to Crockpot

Having a large family, one of my main goals in order for my week to go smoothly is to plan my meals ahead….and to make them easy for me to complete without a lot of time and effort!  I need to work on the rest of my weekly goals, but for now, meal planning it is!!

That is why I came up with a weekly meal plan where I can get it all mostly ready at once…freezing ingredients together.  The night before, I can just toss it in the fridge to thaw and then first thing in the morning, it goes into the crockpot for a delicious meal at supper!  Here’s what we’ll be eating, almost completely using crockpot meals.  If you missed Week one, you should see that here


Slow Cooker Pizza
Chicken Pot Pie
Pasta Fagiola
Meat Loaf
French Stew
Chicken & Dumplings

Shopping List:

4.5 pounds of frozen chicken breasts (boneless, skinless)
4 pounds of ground beef
3 pounds beef stew
3 oz Pepperoni

4 onions
1 pound of carrots
green pepper
1 can refrigerated biscuits
10 oz moz cheese shredded
10 oz cheddar shredded


3 16 oz bag frozen mixed vegetables

2 10 oz packages of peas and pearl onions

1 bag hash browned potatoes
2 9” deep dish pie crusts (i find in freezer section)
2 9” pie crusts (refrigerator section, for top)
Canned/boxed goods:
4 cans cream-of-chicken soup
bread crumbs 
4 cans diced tomatoes
1 10.75 o can beef consommé
1 can green beans, drained
1 can kidney beans
1 can white beans
2 cans of beef broth
red wine vinegar
32 oz spaghetti sauce
16.5 oz jar pasta sauce
box of rigatoni
1/2 c dry pasta (your lfavorite…or use what’s in your cabinet)


bay leaf
tobasco sauce
Brown Sugar
Here’s how to put it all together!

Brown ground beef (all but 1.5 pounds for meat loaf)

Boil 3 chicken breasts and chop or shred for pot pies

Chop onions, green peppers, 3 large carrots + 1 cup of carrots (not sure of how many that is) and 2 celery stalks.
Assemble all the ingredients to each recipe individually in freezer bags or containers.  Try to thaw out in the refrigerator the night before.  If you forget to thaw it out, if you can get it in your crockpot (due the the shape), still throw it in, just put it on high for a while at first.  Enjoy!
I would appreciate any feedback you have to offer.  If there’s anything I’ve missed or need to add, let me know!
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  1. K-Koira says

    Hi, I'm stopping by from the Menu Planning Monday blog hop to check out your recipes and say hi! I LOVE using my crockpot to have a hot meal ready without having to worry about it.

  2. Nicole says

    Your menu sounds good! Love the look of your blog. Good luck on completing your menu goal this week! Nicole from saveliveeatlove.com

  3. Ginger says

    Love this! :) You were one of the top 5 viewed links at my {wow me} wednesday party last week. Thank YOU so much for sharing! Featuring YOU tonight over on my blog. Feel free to grab a featured button if you'd like. :)Ginger @ gingersnapcrafts.comhttp://www.gingersnapcrafts.com/2011/10/wow-me-wednesday-22.html

  4. Susan says

    Wow I love this. I pinterested it and I am going to the grocer today and possibly assembling this afternoon. I wonder how long does the assembly take? It doesn't seem like it would take much longer than the time to prepare one meal…yeah! BTW Somehow part of your shopping list got into the preparation directions… it could just be my computer. I am so technologically challenged! This cooking plan will free up some time to remedy that!

  5. Sidetracked Sarah says

    Oh thank you for pointing that out Susan. I fixed it! I'm so glad this is helpful to you. I want to do another plan. You're right though, it shouldn't take much more time than one whole meal. Maybe an hour or so. I hope that you enjoy it!

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