9 Craft Projects You Can Make with Drinking Straws

I bet you didn’t know that today is another holiday, did you?

January 3rd is National Drinking Straw Day!

Yeah, I don’t usually pay attention to those every-day holidays either, but today is different.  I just happen to love drinking out of straws!  I actually don’t do it when I’m at home, but while I’m out, it’s a must do.  So…in honor of this day, I thought I’d round up some creative drinking straw craft projects that you can gawk at.

History of the Drinking Straw

The first drinking straw was invented on January 3rd, 1888 by a man named Marvin Chester Stone.  After finding that using a piece of dry, hollow rye grass, made your drink taste like grass, he decided there must be a better alternative.  He decided to roll up some paper and coat it with wax on the inside and out so that it would not fall apart, and that became the first drinking straw.  Now, don’t say you didn’t learn something today!


1.  A Heart Wreath Made From Red Straws.

What a great excuse to drink a Sonic drink every day!  :)

heart wreath

Source: flickr.com via Sarah on Pinterest



2.  Colorful Drinking Straws made into Drink Coasters

Are you interested in trying this?  Click on the picture for a tutorial!



 3.  Sweet Straw Valentine’s

If you go to the site, they will let you download the directions on how to do this.



4.  Make Perler Beads out of Straws and Turn it Into Jewelry

This is a cute little heart necklace.  You make the beads and then melt it with the iron.  She has complete instructions on her site!  (click on box below and it will take you to the Pinterest link)


5.  Turn the Perler Beads into Little Animals, too

Like this turtle:  (Click on box below and it will take you to the Pinterest link)


6.  Make a basket out of drinking straws.

Unfortunately, there is no tutorial on this one that I could find.

basket weave

Source: craftster.org via Sarah on Pinterest


7.  A DIY Drinking Straw Maze for Children

straw maze


8.  Make some Feathered Friends

feathered friends


9.  A Lily Flower Craft

lily flower craft



There you have 9 amazingly unique activities you can make and do with drinking straws.  If you’d like to see even more, go to my Pinterest Board, Drinking Straw Crafts & Activities.

Do you enjoy drinking through a straw?


P.S.  If you’re looking to buy colorful drinking straws, Amazon has some amazing options below.

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