5 Days of……………..Series

Join us June 4th through June 8th

for our first ever 5 Days of Mothering and Homemaking series.

There will be 21 bloggers with 105 different blog posts on the subject!


The blogs and topics to be included are as follows:


Christy at One Fun Mom 

  • 5 Days of Fun Summer Planning (with printables)


Jodi at Granola Mom 4 God

  • 5 Days of Using the Vitamix


Lauren at Serving From Home

  • 5 Days to a Healthier Pregnancy


Anne at Quick & Easy, Cheap & Healthy

  • 5 Days with Whole Wheat Flour


Sarah at Sidetracked Sarah

  • 5 Days of Summer Activities with Children


 Amanda at The Pelsers

  • 5 Days of Using Technology to Manage Your Home


Jeri Lynn at Alabaster Box

  • 5 Days of Incorporating Inspiration into Your Routine


Trillia at Woman of God Magazine

  • 5 Days of Saying No


Kasey at These Five of Mine Plus Two

  • 5 Days of Getting Organized


Leigh Ann at Intentional by Grace

  • 5 Days of 20 Minute Meals


Chelsey at Joy Reflected

  • 5 Days of Essential Oils for Mama’s, Babies and Children


Eileen at Edward’s Granddaughter

  • 5 Days to Better Communication


Kelli at Lady of the Barn

  • 5 Days of Using Your Grain Mill


Kelli at Adventurez in Child Rearing

  • 5 Days of Exploring God’s Creation


Christin at Joyful Mothering

  • 5 Days of How to Clean House (and involve your children)


Mary at The Encouraging Home

  • 5 Days of Using Essential Oils


Honey at Sunflower Schoolhouse

  • 5 Days of Organizing Your Homeschool


Kim at Not Consumed

  • 5 Days of Husbandless Homemaking


Nicole at Faith in the Small Things

  • 5 Days of Virtue Training


Laurie at Our Abundant Blessings

  • 5 Days of Children’s Birthday Party Ideas


Stephanie at BowMania

  • 5 Days of Blessing Your Husband



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