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Valentine’s Day Hotel Stay Giveaway


We want to give something back to our awesome readers, so together with my friends we’re giving you an awesome giveaway. This is your chance to enjoy a special and memorable Valentine’s Day with your special someone, to treat yourself to a relaxing overnight stay or have a staycation with the family in a hotel for Free.

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Prize is 32,000 Wyndham Rewards Points + $75 CASH and 2 Books

And as special treat we’re giving away 32,000 Wyndham Rewards points to one reader. The redemption of this prize is open-ended, so if you win you get to choose what to do with the points. Your options are endless, you can redeem it for one relaxing night at a luxury resort in a major city, or spend it for 3-5 nights in an economy property. You can also apply these points to use for pre-existing vacation plans. To browse redemption options, please visit and select the “Redeem Wyndham Rewards” box at left.

Aside from the Hotel Stay points we’re also adding $75 Paypal Cash and 2-Books: Information in a Nutshell: Writing & Publishing and Business Tips & Taxes for Writers in the prize pot. One winner takes all!

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Studying the Bible Chronologically

I’ve been needing a new Bible.  Mine is worn out and the cover is starting to crack and fall off.  I guess it is over 20 years old, so it’s not too surprising.  When I decided that my Mommy Time Facebook Party topic* would be Meaningful Christmas Gifts, I knew that a Bible would be a GREAT thing to include in the giveaways.  I contacted Tyndale to see if they’d like to be a sponsor of the event and they graciously agreed.

I was excited when I found out which Bible they would be sending to me and one of my precious readers.  I’ve been wanting to delve a little deeper into God’s word and this is the perfect tool to help me do just that!

The Chronological Life Application Study Bible

When I first opened up my new study Bible, I was impressed with how thorough it was.  There were timelines, maps, explanations of the timelines and maps, and many more awesome features.    I will share about some of the more important features below:

Chronological Order

Even though this Bible is written in chronological order, it’s not hard to find the verse you’re looking for.  If you want a certain verse, there’s a Canonical Table of Contents at the beginning, so that you can find which page # that verse is on.  Reading it in order of how it happened can really help to solidify the stories and meanings in your mind.  If you’re confused about where you’re at, there’s colorful headers that point out which time period you’re reading in.

Full Color Illustrations

There are many maps, timelines, photographs, drawings, etc. that are used as reference points along the way.  In addition, there’s a running timeline, where every so often, it tells what year BC or AD the passage was written.

Personality Profiles

Any time there’s someone new you’re reading about and there’s enough information in the Bible to tell a little about who they are, there will be a little box that shares that information.  You can see an example about Eve below:

Life Application Notes

If you’re wondering how a certain verse applies to your life today, consider reading through the notes pertaining to the specific verses that you’re reading through.  They can be very eye opening!

Christian Worker’s Resource

I love the Christian Worker’s Resource section at the back.  It walks you through how to lead someone to Christ, following up with new believers, preparing to be a speaker or leader of a Bible study, plus how to take the next steps of application.

Other Resources

In addition, you’ve got the following sections:

  • The Bible, Book by book.  This section gives you an overview of each book of the Bible.
  • Master Index
  • Dictionary/Concordance
  • Maps


This Bible will be helping us in our study of God’s Word in our every day life as well as in our school days.  I think that it will help the kids and I as we pull together the story in a more understandable way.


Would you like a chance to win your own Bible?  We’re giving one away!  Attendees of the Facebook Party will be sent here to enter in the giveaway.

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If you will go to this link and RSVP to say if you’re coming to the Facebook Party which is on Tuesday, December 4th at 9:00 p.m. Central, you will be entered to win a Christmas package of gifts!




Are You a Purposeful Planner?

When someone says something about being more purposeful in my planning, I tend to want to shut down my brain.   Until recently, I’ve been scared of what being purposeful may actually entail.   I may have to plan something in advance.  I may even have to commit myself to something.  What if I don’t feel like doing it when the time comes?  I may not be able to procrastinate like I tend to do.  I may even have to think hard about it.  I’m likely to get a little bit uncomfortable.

Are you being purposeful?

In all reality, being purposeful doesn’t have to be hard.  It is a way to accomplish dreams.  It gives you direction and provides you with the means to be more productive for the Lord and with your families.  As I’ve been thinking lately on how to become more purposeful, I’ve tried to focus on the benefits that would come along with it.  If I plan for it, I can accomplish more.  Here’s some examples:

  • My school schedule could be all laid out and ready to go so that school flows more easily.
  • Our chores would be minimal as we’d be doing them regularly in short bursts, thus taking less overall time..
  • My toddler would have direction during the day and not trying to eat candy and watch movies all day long.  (yes, she’d love to do this….we rarely let her, but……it’ll be nice to have a plan of what she CAN do already lined up).
  • Our family can work together on goals that are important to us.
  • We will know what those goals are and how we should achieve them.
  • My 12 & 15 year old can delve into deeper Bible study & study books and I’ll know exactly which ones I want to focus on first.
  • I can focus on having a plan in place to help all of my children to own their faith before they are grown.

I was recently given a review copy of the e-book Purposeful Planning by Phylis Sather.  In it, she tells of how she and her husband & family went away each year on a fun little getaway to plan their lives.  They would set goals, dream great big dreams and pray over the direction that God would be taking them.   During that weekend, the goal is to focus only on the goals of the family and throw in some relaxation and fun, too!  Sounds amazing doesn’t it?   A set time to talk about and plan all of the things that we feel that we should be doing, but never take the time to do.  Purposeful planning!  I’m ready to take my trip next week!  :) I love having my husband’s undivided attention and I know he loves the same from me!   Of course, in order to be purposeful in your planning of your life, you don’t have to do it exactly like the author of the book did it.  You can figure out a way to make it work for your own family, in your own unique circumstances.  If it’s unrealistic to take a trip to plan, you can do it right at home.  Just listen to the Lord’s leading!

As I read through the book, I realized how our family has been somewhat aimless in goal setting.  There’s some areas that we do great with.  We are firm believers in teaching children a good work ethic.  I believe that we’re doing OK in attaining that unrecorded goal, as our children generally are hard workers.  But there are many goals that I would choose to have, that I keep putting off.  Life is going by too quickly.  It’s time to get serious!

Here’s a motivating excerpt from the book:

I recently heard this quote:

“Most people spend more time planning their family vacation than they do their life.” Anthony Robbins
Is this true of you? Do you really want to get to the end of your days and not have accomplished all that the Lord has for your family to do?


I know that I don’t….and I assume the same is true for you as well.  That is why it is important for us to focus and plan.  Be a bit organized and know exactly why we are doing what we’re doing!

In her book, Purposeful Planning, Phyllis walks you through all the aspects of what you should plan at your planning meeting.  She gives you great hints of where to go, what to do, if you should take your children, what to talk about, how long you should spend planning, and the many different topics that you should discuss.  She even suggests that you discuss your marriage.  It sounds strange to sit down with your husband and talk about what we’re doing to keep the marriage strong, but I can see what a benefit that would be to get on the same page and really understand the needs of your mate.  It would also be a motivator to do well, knowing that you will discuss it again next year!

Buy It!

If you’re interested in purchasing the Purposeful Planning e-book, she sells the e-book for $10 and the Purposeful Planning Handbook that holds all of the printable forms that you would need for your planning weekend for $5.95.

If you know of any military families, she’ll gladly provide them with a free copy!  You just need to have them email Phyllis at

Win It!

I have good news!  Phyllis is going to be participating in our Mommy Time Facebook Party on Tuesday evening.  She will give away one Purposeful Planning Bundle!

She’s also planning to give away this piece of jewelry from her store Gilded Gears.

Isn’t it beautiful?!  $25 value!  The pendant measures approximately 3/4″ wide by 1 1/2″ long (including heart charm), and comes on an 18″ chain with lobster clasp.


Gilded Gears is Victorian jewelry with a twist.  You should take a minute to look at all the beautiful pieces that they have in their store!

Please come back during the Mommy Time Facebook Party on Tuesday, August 21st at 8 PM Mountain/9 PM Central to enter for your chance to win each of these items!

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a Rafflecopter giveaway

Don’t forget that if you have questions regarding organizing and cleaning, you can submit those questions on our RSVP form. By RSVPing, you are entering to win $50!


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