My Plan of Action – Using Skinny Gut Shakes

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Renew Life Formulas for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

My Plan for Success Using Skinny Gut Shakes


Last week, I told you about how I was planning to start using the Renew Life Skinny Gut Ultimate Shakes  to help me to lose weight*.  Today, I wanted to tell you my plan of exactly HOW I plan to use them.


I received 2 flavors in the mail:

Renew Life Skinny Gut Chocolate Shake


Renew Life Skinny Gut Vanilla Shake



I’ve had the chance to try them out, plain, with nothing but liquid added to it.  On the directions of each bottle, it says to add one scoop of shake mix with 10 oz of water or other liquid.  I decided to go with almond milk, as a lot of the smoothie recipes that are attached to the package call for almond milk.


First, I tried the chocolate.  I really didn’t know what to expect.  I’ve had chocolate shake mixes that didn’t taste very chocolatey at all….so much so that I had to add another scoop of cocoa to it.  Not Skinny Gut shakes.  The chocolate tastes great!  It’s not chalky, nor is it too bitter.  It’s the perfect blend of sweetness and chocolate.  I love it!


2nd, I tried the vanilla shake.  While I prefer chocolate because I’m a chocolate lover, it was equally as good of a product in taste and I have nothing negative to say about it all.  It tasted great!   I love how each shake mix does not leave an aftertaste or funky feeling in my mouth.  It is smooth and pleasing to my taste buds!  Definitely a win for Renew Life Skinny Gut Ultimate Shakes!


How I Plan to Use the Renew Life Skinny Gut Shakes:


It’s no secret that I really, really struggle with eating healthy foods consistently.  Using these shakes is one way that I will be able to make better decisions regarding food.  If I only have one meal a day to think about food with, my calorie intake will be lower and my overall health will be better.


I plan to:

  • Drink a shake for breakfast 5-7x a week
  • Drink a shake for lunch 5-7x per week
  • Make them as a smoothie on a regular basis, changing up the flavors for variety.
  • Plan good snacks each day so that I still feel like I’ve had something to chew on and so I’m not tempted to cheat during the hard times.
  • Eat a sensible dinner, that is low in carbs and sugar and high in protein and fiber.
  • Exercise daily, building muscle that will eat my fat away.
  • Reduce sugar consumption all together.


Scale with Sticky Note


I have a goal of losing 75 pounds.  It can be scary thinking about such a large number, but ultimately, I plan to take it little by little, 10 pounds at a time.  I started making changes on January 10th and I’m already down 7 pounds and several inches!  I’m looking forward to seeing what making even more changes can do for my body.  Because the shakes are good at curbing appetite and cravings, I have a feeling my success will begin to gain momentum soon.*


See how others are using Skinny Gut Shakes!  Use hashtag #SkinnyGutShake on Facebook and Twitter.  If you’re also on a weight loss journey, join me in my new weight loss group on Facebook:  Sidetracked by Weight Loss.


*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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If You’ve Ever Thought About Trying T-Tapp (BIG SALE)

I’ve been talking about how awesome the T-tapp exercise program is for a long time now.  The truth is, every time I use it, I drop inches quickly.  I’m currently doing a 60 day Challenge, trying to drop as many inches as possible in 60 days.  I’ve gotten a bit off track (that seems to be usual for me), but…I’m still trying and will be completing this challenge, even if I’m not as consistent as I should be.  My goal this year is to be so consistent with T-tapp that I’ll never allow more than a week between workouts!  Even better would be never allowing more than a couple of days!


Anyway, every month, Teresa puts something on Deep Discount, for one Tuesday a month.  This month, the sale is so spectacular, I’d be mean not to tell you about it.  The full workout, called Total Workout is half price!  That means it’s usually $80 but now it’s $40 plus FREE SHIPPING!  I JUST bought this last month for full price AND paid shipping.  (I’ve had the full workout on VHS for a long time…and finally upgraded to DVD).   Not only that, but it also comes with the famous 15 minute Basic Workout Plus, and 3 more bonus DVD’s!  Some people have lost what they wanted to by just doing the 15 minute workout.


Here’s what’s included:


T-tapp Total Workout


T-Tapp Total Workout DVD only $40.00 and FREE SHIPPING (retail $79.95 – $40.00 off)!


Retail Value Over $189.00 and Bonus Items for FREE:
Barefoot Basic Workout DVD ($29.95) 
Basic Plus Tempo Workout DVD ($29.95)
Tempo Torso Workout DVD (Retail $27.95)
Yes You Can Seminar DVD (Retail $19.95) 







If you want to read more about what I’ve said about T-tapp in the past, you can check these posts out:

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Getting My Gut Healthy So I Can Lose Weight with Skinny Gut Shakes

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Renew Life Formulas. All opinions are 100% mine.



As you know, I’m in the beginning of a long term weight loss journey.  I have about 75 pounds I need to lose.  It’s definitely not a fun reality, but it is a reality all the same!  Recently, I was asked to sample the Renew Life Skinny Gut Ultimate Shakes, to help me lose weight* and I was thrilled for the opportunity.  After all, I love anything that will make my life easier and losing weight has proved not to ever be easy for me.


I received the package this week!  There’s 2 different flavors:


Chocolate (I’m sure will be my favorite, since I happen to love everything chocolate)


Renew Life Skinny Gut Chocolate Shake

and Vanilla (which I’m sure will be very versatile and easy to change into many different flavors!)



Renew Life Skinny Gut Vanilla Shake

What are Renew Life Skinny Gut Shakes?


That is the first thing I wanted to know when I heard about them.  I mean, who doesn’t want a skinny gut, right?  But why use the word gut?


Well….let me tell you, there’s a specific reason.  It’s because our health begins in the gut.  These shakes help to promote a healthy gut, by balancing your digestion system’s good bacteria.  They use probiotics and lots of other great sources of nutrition.


I’ve been a long time believer in healthy bacteria in our bodies, but I’ve never really thought about how it can affect weight loss….until now.


Why I’m Interested in Trying Renew Life Skinny Gut Shakes



There’s lots of great reasons to try these shakes, but Renew Life Formulas founder, Brenda Watson explains it pretty well.


Here’s the scoop: all those billions of bacteria that live in your digestive tract? They are the real reason you gain or lose weight. When those microbes are out of balance, you absorb more extra calories from food, store more fat, and have more cravings—but by balancing the good and bad bacteria*, you can finally achieve your ideal weight for good.


Renew Life Skinny Gut Ultimate Shakes help to heal your gut so that you can stop hanging on to that extra weight!  Who needs to absorb more calories and store more fat?  Not me, that’s for sure!  I’m trying to ditch those things!  That’s one of the many reasons I’m ready to give these shakes a try!


Other Benefits found in Skinny Gut Shakes


Each serving has:


  • 20 grams of protein from seeds and legumes that will help you build muscle. (more muscle helps you burn more fat!)*
  • 10 grams of Prebiotic Organic Fiber, including acacia fiber, to help curb appetite by helping you feel full.*

  • 10 Billion live Ultimate Flora™ Probiotic cultures providing specially selected strains to support healthy gut balance.*

  • Organic Fruit and Veggie Antioxidant blend plus vitamins and minerals to nourish cells.  (i’m picturing healthier hair and nails here…)*

  • Full-spectrum Digestive Enzyme blend to support healthy digestion and help optimize nutrient availability.*


​I also like that they are gluten free, dairy free, vegan, low fat, low calorie, No added sugar and No GMO’s.  Now these aren’t things that I always stay away from, but when I think about eating healthy, these are the things I think of.


I’m going to take the #SkinnyGutShake Challenge and see if I can watch the weight fall right off.  Do you want to join me?  Use hashtag #SkinnyGutShake on FB and Twitter.


If you’re on a weight loss journey and want to watch my progress in our Facebook Group, you can join me here:  Sidetracked by Weight Loss.


 *These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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