My 8 Year Old’s Hospital Stay Last Week

This past week was one of those whirlwind experiences.  Totally unexpected, but very slow moving whirlwind.  When I say slow moving, I’m talking 9 nights in the hospital slow.  Yes, nine!  Seven of those were in the PICU.  I don’t know if you follow me on Facebook or not.  If you don’t, you don’t know much of my story of this past week.  If you do, you’ve probably heard bits and pieces.

Savannah in Hospital 2

Last Friday night, my husband and I came home from a quick evening shopping trip in a nearby town to find our 8 year old daughter, Savannah, in respiratory distress. Our teens were babysitting and have been trained what to do when she is having asthma issues.  She was originally diagnosed with asthma almost 2 years ago, after a collapsed lung and a life flight and we have been using the inhaler or nebulizer as needed since that time.  On this particular night, our teens had been keeping us abreast of the situation and we were told that she had needed a couple of breathing treatments while we were gone and had used her inhaler.  Nobody realized she was still having trouble breathing as she was just laying on the recliner resting, looking tired and no longer complaining. When I got home (shortly after her treatment), I asked her to meet me in my bedroom so I could fully assess her without any noise. Just walking to my room had her so completely out of breath that I was worried. I called my husband into our room to help me evaluate her and we did a couple more breathing treatments to see if that would help.  It didn’t help, so  we decided we needed to head to the ER.



Her oxygen saturation levels were low, so they put her on oxygen and began more breathing treatments and steroids.  Since she wasn’t improving fast enough, the doctors decided to admit her into the hospital.  They had taken X-Rays and had seen a small spot of pneumonia on her lungs, too.  After staying a night there, they decided to move her to a larger hospital that was better equipped to deal with children in respiratory distress.  Specifically, they wanted her in a PICU unit.  She had been working for too hard, for too long at breathing.  


They transferred us by ambulance to a hospital about 2 hours away.  We were met by a myriad of hospital staff getting her checked in and ready for the new treatment plan.  My husband and I had felt apprehensive about going back to this hospital (the same place she had been life flighted to a couple years prior), but once we were there, we felt a sigh of relief, knowing that these people really knew what they were doing and would not take anything we said lightly.  Just being in a place that specializes in children can make all the difference in the world!


The first part of the plan was to place her on albuterol breathing treatments continuously.  This was equivalent to getting 20 breathing treatments an hour.  Something that literally makes your hands tremble because you have so much in your system.  Because her respirations were still so high, she was at risk of aspirating, so the first rules were to go in effect.


No Eating or Drinking


Now that sounds mean, doesn’t it?  Apparently the need for food isn’t as great as the need for breathing.  Go figure, right?  :D  If she were to aspirate any food, that could have made her recovery that much harder, if not impossible.  It was already hard.  We didn’t need it even harder!  But, it was so hard to tell her, “I know you’re hungry honey, but you have to listen to the doctors”.  All she could think of was food, food and more food!  Her mouth was getting so dry, too!


We arrived at this hospital on Saturday evening, late.  Her last meal had been at supper time.  Apparently the other hospital didn’t have any trouble with her eating, as they fed her multiple times.  It wasn’t until Tuesday when they decided to let her have clear liquids.  None of her options tasted very good to her, so she held out as well as she could until the next day when they finally let her order yogurt.  She gobbled up 2 containers of it, almost immediately.


As she progressed, they allowed to her to eat more and more.

Savannah at Hospital 2


She stayed on the continuous breathing treatment from Saturday night through Thursday afternoon.  She then slowly moved from every 2 hours to every 4 hours and finally on Saturday (a week later), they moved us out of PICU to the regular Pediatric floor.


After a partial family sleepover (me and 4 of my girls) in our room that night, they sent us home on Sunday.  We left with an upgraded asthma status (mild/persistent from intermittent/as needed).  9 days in the hospital was a long and boring way to spend that week of our life, but we’re so very thankful that modern medicine can help us so efficiently!


Savannah is now home and feeling pretty good.  We are still giving her a breathing treatment every 4 hours and she is now on a maintenance steroid inhaler, until further notice.  She had had a mild cold at the onset of this, and we believe that the cold, coupled with allergies and chlorine are what caused this to get bad so quickly.  We are now taking beginning steps to make her bedroom as allergy free as possible.  A total room clean out and vacuum session, mattress and pillow covers and even new paint on the walls.  We will be doing everything in our power to keep this from happening again!


Savannah & Quinnly


If you’d like to read more about how we entertained her during that time, please click here.

9 Things You’ll Wish You Knew About Whooping Cough


9 Things You'll Wish You Knew About Whooping Cough

I didn’t talk about it while we were in the midst of it.  Frankly, I wasn’t ready to.  I was scared.

I gave birth to Baby Quinnly on March 13th and the next month, several members of my family had contracted whooping cough.

I knew little about the disease, but I knew that if they vaccinated against it, it was probably not a pleasant experience.  And believe me, when I say it wasn’t!

Here’s Our Story….

It started out like a cold.  It did come with a cough, but often times, colds do.  It didn’t seem to be a big deal either.  But, one night, the cough got worse!  Way worse.  I mean, coughing until you can’t take a breath worse.  Coughing until you throw up worse.  But it was weird.  Between coughing fits, they didn’t even seem sick.  They would play as normal, have a coughing fit and then continue playing.  After a couple of nights of barely any sleep, due to all of the coughing fits, I decided that something wasn’t right.  I started researching what could be wrong and settled upon whooping cough. I listened to YouTube videos of coughing, poured over symptoms and decided that this must be what my children had.  2 of them were coughing pretty badly at this point and I was really worried that they were going to give it to the baby.  In fact, the toddler was always all over the baby, so I was REALLY worried that he already had given it to her.  Off to the doctor we went, but the doctor didn’t take us seriously.  They didn’t believe it was whooping cough.

They would cough all day, but like I said, it wasn’t horrible.  Then night would come.  Wow, it was bad then!  They would wake up several times a night with coughing fits. As time went on, I learned to sleep through most of them.  If they didn’t puke, anyway.  They slept through most of them, too.

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Naturally Clean with Essential Oils: Body & Home! {Part 4}

Today, is part 4 of a guest series from my friend, Livia.  Several months back, Livia introduced me to Frankincense essential oil to help my 12 year old daughter with her epilepsy seizure auras.  We have been using it with some success in overcoming the auras which has been awesome!  Livia has a lot more knowledge at her fingertips and I know you’ll glean something from it, if you’re at all interested in natural health and essential oils.  Please, give Livia a warm welcome!  


Welcome to part 4 of our essential oil education series!  If you are just joining us, please check it out here:

Part 1: Essential Oil Basics

Part 2:  Wellness as a Lifestyle

Part 3: Immunity, Energy & Sleep Naturally

Naturally Clean with Essential Oils:  Body & Home

 Healthy & Fit

Over the years I’ve talked to many people who struggle with cravings for sugar, caffeine, pop, etc.   Often they try to lose weight and just get stuck.  I’m sure this is a frustrating place to be.  dōTERRA has an amazing Slim and Sassy weightloss program.  They have a lifestyle change competition each year.  I am so inspired by all the people I see stepping up and taking control of their life and reaching their goals.  It really is about lifestyle… foods, exercise, and releasing fat.  doTERRA’s amazing products are the key (Slim and Sassy plus the TrimShake).  So many people have broken down all the walls they hit with other programs. You really should check it out!


Out with the bad—In with the good!


I am part of Essential Oil Revolution.  They have created an amazing Slim and Sassy 14 day detox- whole food cleanse.  I did it last fall and I felt absolutely amazing!  They guide and support you in eating whole foods, cleansing your gut and instilling good habits to help you thrive in your life of wellness.  It is a $89 program that I can get you for free with the internship.  Did I mention that it comes with recipes!?  They are yummy too!


Clean your space!

I love my cleaners!  I’m working on finding DIY loves for all my household products.  I’ve almost replaced all of my cleaning supplies.  In fac, being a graphic designer has come in handy.  I made cute labels to put on my containers.  Here is a page you can download and print!

-OnGuard / Purify.  I like to add a drop or two do my laundry to give it a boost and get it really clean! (works wonders on sweaty boy smell)

-Citrus oils: naturally cleansing.

-Main Ingredients I use: OnGuard Cleaner Concentrate, liquid castile soap, vinegar, baking soda, borax, washing soda, fels napthsa, citric acid, kosher salt, hydrogen peroxide… I think that’s most of it.  You can follow my pinterest page to see lots of DIY ideas!

Oils and their uses:

These are some things that have been found beneficial in my home and for those I know.

Oregano: most powerful natural antibiotic.  This is a HOT oil.  Be sure to dilute it.  We do it on our feet when we feel like we are getting sick.

OnGuard+:  Awesome product they came out with last year.  It combines the most powerful antibiotics, Antivirals and immune boosting oils in a synergistic way into a softgel that is easily used by the body.  It’s so nice to just grab it when we feel the sickness coming. (way better than trying to fill our own capsules like we used to)  Black Pepper, Oregano, OnGuard & Melissa (one of the super-power oils, expensive on it’s own, but awesome to be included.)

TriEase:  Lemon, Lavender & Peppermint combo in a  convenient softgel.  This is for the allergy sufferers.  Amazing results from this as well.

If you have someone with allergies that doesn’t swallow pills—I put the same oils on their feet or dilute and rub on neck, chest, back and inhale. ( I even did the combo in a sprayer with water for the throat – intense.)  Before the softgel, many people would put a few drops in water and drink it.  That is another option.

Quick Recipe- Quick Cleaning Foam!

Mix 2 Tbsp OnGuard Cleaner Concentrate with 24oz water to make the all purpose spray.

Put some into a foaming pump bottle.

For a quick clean, pump the soap onto the counter and wipe with a paper towel. No need to rinse.  This is great for keeping your surfaces clean.

I Need this in my life! – You can always purchase dōTERRA essential oils and products retail from my store.  But, why buy retail, when you can get them BELOW WHOLESALE and even earn your Natural Healthcare for FREE!! Contact me for details and tons of education resources!!

– If you are drawn to this and need some financial healing, we can help!  Proven system and guidance to help you reach all your goals!

Great News!!!


Our  Natural Solutions Health Summit is coming up  JULY 14-19th 2014.  It is completely ONLINE!  There are dozens of classes throughout the week – experts from all areas of Natural Health and Wellness.  This is not just essential oils people!  Nutrition, weightloss, candida, hair, cleaning, recipes, etc…  I learn SO MUCH in every session.   Watch as many as possible live and be entered to win HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS IN PRIZES!!  Catch those you miss on recording later.  It is AMAZING!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE all the education! Now for the most awesome part–  I have some free tickets available for Sidetracked Sarah readers! These tickets have a $200 value!  And you can have this awesome education for FREE!!!  If something is tugging at you and this may help you find some answers you’ve been looking for, please contact me and let me share this amazing gift with you!

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Please join us soon for part 5 – the final segment of our wellness education series to learn how you can have access to amazing amounts of support and education as you live a life of wellness.