***HOT*** Get Paid $3.08 to Buy Diapers – Limited Time – HURRY!!

I’m interrupting your regularly scheduled crockpot recipes this week, to share a couple of deals.  Remember the company where we got the Big Hero 6 DVD for free?  I know it seemed like it may have been a scam, but I’m here to tell you, that I actually did this deal and got paid for it and it is legitimate!  It was no scam.  I got my money back that I paid for that DVD.  All $16 of it!

Huggies Diapers

Tonight, I just learned of a great deal from the same company, Top Cash Back, to where you can buy a pack of Huggies diapers for $18.97, at Walmart, selecting free site to store shipping and get $21 cash back credited to your account.  If you follow my instructions, you will get paid!  This deal is good for new customers only, but they do not limit the amount of accounts each household has.  If your husband, daughter, son, mother, etc., hasn’t signed up, you can still do this deal.  Here’s a quote from their site:


This offer is available to new TopCashback members only.  However as TopCashback doesn’t limit accounts to one per household, if you’re an existing member now’s the perfect time to tell your husband or wife, mom or dad, roommate, neighbor or anyone else about TopCashback and perhaps they’ll share their freebie with you.



If you’re ready to do the deal, here’s your instructions:


  • Go sign up for a new account at TopCashback
  • Go directly to the offer page here.
  • Click the “Get Offer” button and it will take you to Walmart.com
  • Order a package of Huggies Snug and Dry diapers ($18.97 value) (be sure to select free in-store pickup to save on shipping).
  • DO NOT order anything but a single package of diapers on this order(or it will not credit you correctly)
  • You will receive a $21 credit in your Top Cash Back account within 7-14 days of picking your diapers up.
  • Once your cash back is deposited into your TopCashBack account, you can choose to have a a transfer to your checking account or Paypal, or you can earn an additional 2.5% cash back by having it put on an Amazon gift card.


This offer is only valid until April 21st, but they usually sell out WAY before that.  Hurry and get your order in!  Even if you don’t need diapers, you probably know someone who does or will be attending a baby shower at some point.  This is well worth it!  If you don’t want to do that, feel free to send your diapers to me!  With 2 in diapers, we go through a lot of money in diapers.  (OK, just kidding about that last part….feel free to give ’em away to those closest to you!)  


I’ll be sharing another great deal with you tomorrow!

My Happy Baby’s First Christmas Made Easier

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Happy Family Products for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.


December is a really busy month for us!  Not only are we getting ready for Christmas, but we also have a birthday celebration right before Christmas in our family.  My oldest daughter turns 15 this week.  Her birthday request was to take an overnight shopping trip with a couple of friends.  That worked great for me, because I still needed to finish Christmas shopping.  The only problem is, that even though my teen and I had a lot of shopping we could do, I still needed to take my 9 month old baby along with us.  She’s still nursing, so she doesn’t get away from mom much, but she can be a challenge when we’re out and about for very long.



I recently received a box of goodies from Happy Family Brands full of healthy organic food options for my baby.  Before we left on our trip, I packed anything that would make my life easier while I was out Christmas shopping and driving in the van.  I was so thankful for the Organic Puffs.  When she gets fussy, the only thing that will divert her attention is putting food in her mouth!  We were able to keep the Puffs available and any time she would fuss, we’d give them to her, prolonging her periods of happineess.  A huge score for me!  (In the picture at the top, she was enjoying them at the hotel…while she waited for our next adventure.)  All through the month of December, while I’ve been running here and there, trying to get caught up on Christmas shopping and decorating, we’ve been using these delicious snacks and foods to keep little Quinnly going.  She’s LOVES them and will squawk really loud until she gets the next bite.


Benefits of Happy Family Baby Foods


  • Organic ingredients = safe ingredients with no chemicals
  • Packed with added DHA
  • Sweetened with 100% Fruit Juice
  • Made with organic whole grains
  • Choline is added for eye and brain health
  • Moms don’t have to worry, knowing their babies are eating food that is good for them!

I hope you’ll take the chance to get to know the Happy Family products as well.  I can assure you, you won’t be disappointed!  Visit the Happy Family website to learn about organic baby and toddler food.


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I’m Watching You Baby – Snuza Video Baby Monitor Giveaway

“Disclosure: I am part of the PTPA Brand Ambassador Program with Snuza and I received compensation as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.”

I’m a mama of 7 children and have found that having a baby monitor is crucial to my sanity!  I bet you get that, right?  :)

Snuza Trio Plus Baby Monitor

The other day, I found myself doing the dishes.  The baby was happily playing in the exersaucer like this:

Snuza Video Baby Monitor Review

She’s 7 months old now, isn’t she cute?  :)

I knew that she’d remain happy there, but if she happened to spot me, she’d get all grumpy.  Yep, she’s a mama’s girls and loves for me to hold her and nurse her as much as possible.  To put it plainly, I needed to leave her in the living room where she was happily playing while I was in the kitchen.

The problem is, I have an ornery little 3 year old boy.  Need I say more?  He would like to pick on that baby.  Imagine that, right?  I was able to use my amazing Snuza Video Baby Monitor to keep an eye on the situation.

Video Camera

 I even spotted said 3 year old, standing there with a big stick in his hand.  I don’t think he was planning to beat the baby with it, but a mama can never be sure what a 3 year old little boy will do, so I was able to get that out of his hand really quickly once I spotted it on the montior.  What he was really doing, most of the time, was playing with her and entertaining her…but….this mom can never completely trust him alone with her baby.  That’s why I’m so thankful to have my Snuza Video Baby Monitor.

Up Close of Monitor

Snuza Video Baby Monitor is a 3-in-1 monitoring solution – Audio, Visual, Movement – keeps baby covered from every angle!

The Snuza Video Baby Monitor is amazing.  I really do love it.  It has several awesome features, that I know you’ll love as well!

  • Portable Baby Movement Monitor – it literally sets off an alarm if baby’s movement stops.  It is a mobile, easy-to-use movement monitor that clips onto your baby’s diaper and ensures that normal movement is maintained. With its ultra-sensitive flexible tip, the slightest of movements are detected and if no movement is detected for a period of 20 seconds, the Snuza Go! emits an audible alarm. Parents can reduce the timer from 20-seconds to 18 or 15 and the Snuza Go! also alerts you when your baby’s movements are very week or fall to less than 8 movements per minute.  – I know I’m always nervous about the baby stopping breathing when they’re really little.  I think it’s a common problem among moms.  This will give us moms (who sometimes feel crazy), some serious peace of mind!  Have you ever popped up in the middle of the night, realizing your baby has not woken up as soon as they normally do?  Yep….me too!
  • Two-way communication.  You can talk back to your baby and let her know that you’re on your way.
  • Room Temperature Display
  • Voice Activated Sound monitoring
  • 3.5″ color screen
  • Remote Control Camera
  • Ability to have up to 4 cameras connected to the same monitor, so you don’t have to move your cameras around.
  • The monitor can be portable, battery powered or can be plugged in.
  • Makes an amazing gift!


I know I wish I would’ve had this monitor with my first 6 children.  It should be on most every mom’s wish list!  Would you like a chance to win one?  Get entered right here!


Enter to WIN a 1 Snuza Trio Plus ($300 value) or 1 Snuza Hero ($130 value)


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