How to Make Minion Easter Eggs

We love Easter Egg Hunts with our family and we also love the movie Despicable Me and find the Minions quite amusing!  We decided that making Minion Easter Eggs would be an awesome idea!  They’re easier than you could imagine.  My kids are begging for us to use these eggs as the “special” eggs (as in more valuable).  I’m thinking we will.  It’s funny how a yellow and blue mismatched Easter egg gets them all giddy!

How to Make Minion Easter Eggs -


What You Need

  • Blue and Yellow plastic Easter eggs.
  • Black Permanent Marker


  1. Put one side blue and one size yellow eggs together.
  2. Draw Eyes, mouth and hair to match some of the minions you’ve seen.

How to Make Minion Easter Eggs -

These are very simple.  Another blogger was able to use electric tape to make the straps to the glasses a little straighter lines that what we were able to accomplish by going at it freehand.  Also, google eyes make them look even more professional.

How to Make Minion Easter Eggs -

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Being a Mother is Your Greatest Superpower!


Mom to Mom Encouragement

Recently I participated with the Moms4Moms movement on Facebook. This day was set aside for bloggers in our area to come together in agreement that Moms need support. Period! Whether you are a mom that works outside of the home, or whether you’re a stay-at-home-mom, support and encouragement are always needed and are definitely welcome on both sides! The same is needed for breast feeding vs. bottle feeding moms, and those that chose co-sleeping or those that did not. The list goes on and on, but the whole point behind this day was to honor Moms everywhere by simply offering support, encouragement, and love to other mothers!

I know … I know! Everyone has an opinion on all of these topics and more. That’s all well and good as we are all free to choose what works and what is best for OUR family. Let’s focus more on loving and less on tearing other people’s choices down. What works for one simply may not work for others. But, it works beautifully in their family, and that is what matters most! The family is thriving, and they are happy. Ultimately, that is the goal of every mother!

Consider the following if you’re ever tempted to judge how another mother chooses to parent. Think of the struggling single mother going through a divorce that she did not want but is forced to face. Think of this mom having to leave her beautiful baby girl in the care of others while she worked long days to support her little one. While her heart and soul longed to be with her precious baby, it just was not in the cards for her as she had to work to put food on the table and to keep a roof over her little one’s head. This mother doesn’t need blank stares or for you to look down your nose at her. What she truly needs is an understanding heart and someone that will give her a much needed hug every now and then. She tries so hard to keep it together every single day never allowing herself to focus too long at the situation because in doing so, she would crumble. Instead, she chooses to move forward, doing the best that she can for her little girl. Although she’s worn out at the end of the day, she eagerly leaves her job, rushes to the daycare center where she is greeted by a warm smile and huge hug from her baby girl. She takes her home and they spend so much quality time together in the evenings and on weekends, and then as the work week begins, she is forced to do it all over again.

Consider the following, too, on the other side. Think of the stay-at-home-mom that is judged for being lazy and doing nothing all day. What you don’t see going on behind her four walls are the endless hours that her baby cries because he has colic. What you don’t see are the sleepless nights, the days she struggles to make it through all alone caring for her little one every minute of the day. Consider all of the diapers that she changes during the course of the day. Consider all of the feedings, the many times she is spit up on, and yet again another seemingly endless cycle rocking the little baby, trying to console the little one by doing everything in her power, yet nothing seems to work. Is that “doing nothing all day?” Is that “being lazy?” Certainly not!

Now think of the mother that so desperately wanted to breast feed, but she was unable to do so. Her milk supply just wasn’t sufficient, and she was forced to bottle feed. Oh, before you judge and rant about how “breast is best,” have you considered the possibility that she wanted to, yet couldn’t?

There are plenty of ways that mothers tear into each other on a daily basis. There are plenty of reasons NOT to as well. No matter which side of the argument you’re on in the above mentioned scenarios, I’m sure we can all agree that Mothers need love, support, and encouragement. Who better to do this than other Mothers?

There is so much judgment in the world today. We feel bad enough about ourselves as it is without the world tearing us down. Don’t add to it by ripping each other to shreds. Join hands with the mother on the other side of your choices and stand as a united front. We are all Mothers! And that is our greatest “Super power!”


ShirleyShirley considers her greatest blessings to be her two beautiful daughters who are her heart and soul. She has a passion for her family, photography, music, and most importantly God. She writes at to share her heart and God’s light, love, and hope.