Avocado Chocolate Smoothie – Perfect for My Diet

As you all know, I’m in the process of trying to lose weight!  It’s been a struggle to change my bad habits again.  Yesterday was a good day though.  I had a light breakfast and I wasn’t that hungry for lunch, so I decided to make a smoothie for lunch, in hopes that it would fill me up for a while, plus I’ll get my chocolate fix in.  Believe me, I have a heavy need for chocolate, lol.


I’ve been trying to eat more avocados lately for the health benefits.  Plus, I recently heard that consuming more avocados can help you to lose more weight.  Don’t worry, avocados in smoothies don’t taste like guacamole.  In fact, I don’t even taste the avocado.  It just makes the smoothie creamier.  It’s amazing really.  You get this really creamy smoothie, with amazing health benefits, plus you get chocolate all in one?  Yep….you’re going to love it.


You may be thinking that you don’t want to spend the money on avocados?  Well, it just so happens that Aldi often has them on sale for 29 cents to 49 cents each.  Walmart will price match Aldi’s produce prices if you have an Aldi within an hour of you.


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Avocado Chocolate Smoothie



Avocado Chocolate Smoothie



1 ripe avocado
1 ripe banana
1/2 cup skim milk (or your favorite %)
1 Tbsp cocoa
8 frozen strawberries
1 pinch of NuStevia (optional)


  1. Put milk and avocado in blender and blend until smooth.
  2. Add banana and cocoa.
  3. Finally, add the 8 frozen strawberries and NuStevia sweetener.


If you don’t have the NuStevia, you can add an extra banana or your own favorite sweetener.  Or, if you’re a fan of dark chocolate, you may not need it sweeter.  For me, the chocolate taste was just a little too bitter without it.


I really enjoyed this smoothie and felt good most of the afternoon without needing anything else to eat.  It made a great lunch for my weight loss endeavors!  I’ve lost 4 pounds in the past 2 weeks and the last time I measured, I’d already lost an inch off of my waist and a total of 4.5 inches after 10 days of exercise (but only about 4-5 15 minute workouts) in the T-tapp program.  Yay!


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My Dreaded Before Pictures – 60 Day Challenge Begins

Before Pictures - FB


Last week, I told you how I was going to be working on eating better and exercising more!  I will be checking in with you, sharing my weekly successes and failures.  I’m hoping to stay accountable to somebody and also hoping to motivate you as well!


I have officially begun my 60 Day T-Tapp Challenge.  I’m thrilled to be moving my body more.  I’ve actually only done the 15 minute workout twice so far, but it feels so good to be using those muscles.  I’ve been going to the gym for the last couple months, doing cardio and weights and I’ve worked hard, but nothing I was doing seemed to touch my tummy muscles much.  Well, believe me, T-tapp, totally works on your core, nearly the whole time.  So things are changing and I’m bound to see some quicker results now!


Many years ago, when I did a 2 week boot camp (doing a 55 minute T-Tapp video every day for 14 days), I lost 9 inches in those 2 weeks alone.  Unfortunately, at that time, I quit right after that.  I have a bad habit of giving up on challenges.  I like the idea, but get sidetracked easily.  I’ve also been known not to like the work of a daily workout.  I do, however, like the results it gives…so here I go again, jumping back on that bandwagon!  That’s why this time, I’m taking it a bit slower.  I’m not committing to doing it every single day.  I’m not committing to doing a 55 minute DVD either.  I’ll do a 15 minute video as many days as I possibly can and I have a feeling I’ll feel better for it!  (I already do!)  I’ll also still be meeting my friend at the gym and doing 20-30 minutes on the elliptical machine, because it helps me to be accountable to someone else.  We may even get together and do my DVD.


On Saturday, it was the start of the T-Tapp 60 Day Challenge, where I use the workout and walking to help me achieve my goals.  That was the day I had to take my pictures and take my measurements.  That is always so painful for me!  Wow, do I really look like that?  Are my measurements really that big?  Yes, they are….and I wrote them all down.  I even snapped a couple of me in my bra and underwear (that won’t be shared with anyone of course), so I could see the results as I get closer to goal.  That was even more eye opening for me.  I didn’t realize how pudgy my back was looking.  I’m just way too droopy.  This body has been stretched out from being pregnant 7 times.  Pregnancy and eating whatever you want can really wreak havoc on a woman’s body.


So…I’m not going to share my weight and I’m not going to share my measurements, but I’ll let you know how much weight I lose and how many inches I lose, as I lose them.  I aim to check in with you every week, but if my report sounds exactly like the week before, I may wait a week.  If you’d like to join me on my journey, feel free to join us in the Sidetracked by Weight Loss Facebook Group.  This is a group created especially for Sidetracked Sarah readers!  I want to do this along with you!


And now…drum roll please, as I slink behind the Christmas tree that I didn’t get down this weekend….(ha). I will share my before pictures…..and please don’t judge the tight shorts.  I had to do that so that I can see the results as they improve.  I don’t wear these clothes out!

T-tapp FrontRobinson.Sarah Right Side

And now you can see why people sometimes think I stlll look pregnant.  Because I do!  But…we’re going to do something about that now, aren’t we?  Again!  For the bazillionth time (or sometimes so it feels!).


So now, I’ve showed it to you.  I’m embarrassed to still be in this place of needing to lose so much weight, but if I don’t start again, I’ll never do it.  If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again!


What about you?  Are you in your own weight loss journey?  Maybe you don’t have as much to lose as me?  or maybe you have more?  Whatever your goal is, I do hope that you’ll hop on board the weight loss train and stay on it with me!  Tell me about your plan.

5 Tools I’m Using to Mentally Stay on Track with Weight Loss

Kick the Excuses:  Lose Weight for Good!

5 Tools for Weight Loss

Losing weight is a battle I’ve had for many years!  Many of my friends may think that I’ve been losing that battle and that I’m a hopeless cause destined to be fat for the rest of my life.  After all, I’ve never really made the goal that I always say I’m aiming for.  They may have a point.  I really haven’t lost enough weight over the years, but I’ve also been breastfeeding or pregnant for the past 17 years and while some say that losing weight while breastfeeding is easy, for me it’s not easy at all.   In the past, when I tried losing weight and/or inches, I have had a hard time sticking to my plan.  My brain simply gets in the way!  Here are my biggest inner obstacles to overcome:

  1. I want what I want.  Yep, you read that right.  If I’m not careful, I will literally start feeling sorry for myself and think that I’m being mistreated by having to avoid sugar and eat more vegetables.  I promise, I’m not a spoiled brat, I just really like food.  Especially sweet food.  :)
  2. Because reaching my goals seem to take forever, I tend to fall back into my old eating habits.  I literally lose sight of my goals. 
  3. I don’t like obsessing about food. When I’m altering my eating, I tend to think about it constantly.  I realize that it needs to become a new normal, but I think about it so much, I get exhausted and revert to eating whatever it is that is easy.
  4.  I don’t have time.  I have a website to run, 7 kids to feed, educate and spend time with, a house to clean, a husband to love and friends to keep up with.  How could I ever think about losing weight with all that other stuff weighing on my mind?  I know other people do it, but for some reason my brain has a lot of trouble jumping on board.


My Plan of Attack to Overcome my Mental Obstacles

Lose Weight


  1. Plan ahead.  I have got to plan my meals and snacks out if I’m going to be successful!  This means that you will likely get to see some healthier Crockpot Freezer Meals being released in the near future!  Not only will I have to plan them ahead, but I will also need to make sure I have the right ingredients in the house to make them.
  2. Each morning, I will read a Weight Loss Affirmation out loud to myself about how I can do this.  For Example:  “I commit to making good choices when it comes to food and exercise, not because I have to, but because I desire to be as healthy as possible, so that I can have a long and healthy life where I can more easily enjoy my family.”  AND “I choose to eat healthy food today and to limit unhealthy food so that I do not sabotage myself and hinder reaching my weight loss goals.”   By reading these affirmations each day, my goals will be in front of me on a daily basis and I won’t be forgetting about them any time soon.   I will be adding to these affirmations as I uncover bad attitudes that seem to crop up.
  3. Meet someone for exercise.  It’s so much easier when you know someone else is expecting you.  Personally, a friend and I meet at the gym every night at 9:00 p.m.  I know that seems late to many of you, but it’s the perfect time for me, when I don’t have anything pressing to get done (except exercising of course!).
  4. Allow occasional indulgences.  If I go into losing weight telling myself that I can never have another drink of Dr. Pepper again, I’d be super depressed.  I happen to LOVE Dr. Pepper.  Instead of being so extreme, I may find a replacement, like Dr. Pepper Natural OR i may allow it every now and then, so I can feel like I’m still getting something I love.  I just have to be careful not to fall back into my old habits of drinking it more than once a day.     Hopefully, I’ll find that after a while, it doesn’t taste nearly as good and I won’t crave it as badly!
  5. Join a Support Group or Challenge.  I don’t know about you, but I do much better at meeting my goals when I have others riding alongside me.  Not only do I have someone to talk to about my struggles, but it gives me others to celebrate with as well.  As for me, I’m going to start the T-Tapp 60 Day Challenge on January 10th which will help me really work hard on my exercise goals and losing inches for the next 60 days.  I’m also starting a new Facebook group for Sidetracked Sarah readers called Sidetracked by Weight Loss.  If you’re trying to lose weight right now and would like to join in encouraging others together, just go to this link and request to join and I’ll add you as I have time.


Once I get in the habit of making better choices, it’s a whole lot easier.  I always begin this journey scared that I will fail, but this time, my aim is to stay positive, have a plan in motion and rely on the help of my Heavenly Father.  Relying on God to help me make the right choices will always be a part of each of these steps, as I could never go anywhere without Him!


What about you?  What hinders you the most?  What helps you to keep on track with your goals, when your brain doesn’t want to stay on board?


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