Make Education Fun – Even in the Hospital with Disney Junior Games

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Make Education Fun with Disney Jr Games

If you’ve not been following me on Facebook, you may not know that my 8 year old daughter is in the hospital with pneumonia, a complication of her asthma.  She’s having to be on continuous breathing treatment in the PICU, where they give her albuterol, steroids and regular chest percussion treatment to hopefully rid her lungs of all the fluid and mucous within.  The first  58 hours, she wasn’t allowed to eat or drink.  You can imagine how bored she was getting.  Thankfully, I had bought these Disney Junior games and they have really saved us, when we thought we were running out of things to do.

Savannah in Hospital

I had previously purchased these educational Disney Junior games at Walmart for my 5 year old daughter.  We homeschool and I thought she’d have fun practicing her writing and math skills with them.  After all, what little girl doesn’t like Mickey Mouse or Doc McStuffins?

Disney Junior Games - In Store


I bought the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Learning Schoolhouse Activity and the Doc McStuffins Alphabet Learning Activity.

Disney Jr Learning Schoolhouse Activity Doc McStuffins

We used the Learning Schoolhouse Activity here at the hospital.  When I first opened it up, I was a little worried.  It’s actually supposed to be for a Pre-K to K aged child, and here I was trying to occupy my 8 year old with it.  While some of the activities were a little young (like the ABC flashcards), we were able to improvise and have a great time with it.


Features of the Learning Schoolhouse Activity


Learning Schoolhouse Activity - #Ready4Preschool  #shop


  • Learn to Tell Time
  • Practice Handwriting
  • Build Math Skills
  • Learn the Map of the U.S.
  • Letter & Word Recognition
  • Pretend & Play School


We used the US Map to quiz her on her states.  I would think of a state that we’ve been to before or one that someone we know has moved to, and she would use her pointer to show me where that state is on the map.  She’s not very strong on her geography, so this was a great educational activity that also proved to be fun, as we told stories about these different places.  You can see where she’s pointing at California, the state I was just in last month for a blogging conference.

Disney Jr Learning Schoolhouse Activity 4


She also used the word and picture magnets to make stories on the built in dry erase board.  In fact, that spurred her imagination even further and she decided to make more stories and books for her siblings to give them when she got home.  You can see one of her short stories here.  Her handwriting is pretty messy as her hands were shaking the whole time, thanks to the medicine.


Disney Junior Games - Where to Buy


She practiced her time telling skills.  We have a clock in her hospital room and I noticed how she was doing really well at knowing what time it is.  We’ve done time telling with her math programs in the past, so this wasn’t new to her, but since we haven’t really practiced it this summer, it was a good chance to go over her clock skills and see if she could figure out what time it was.    She did great and is now almost a pro!


Disney Jr Learning Schoolhouse Activity 3


We’ve been in the hospital for 4 full days now and we’ve done so many things, we had thought we’d run out of fun stuff to do.  Even watching TV was boring her.  These Disney Junior games saved the day and I’m so thankful I accidentally left them in the van at the perfect time!  Savannah says she can’t wait to get home, so that she can play school with her little sister, Avery.  Since these were originally purchased for Avery, our 5 year old, she’ll get a lot of use out of them in our school year, while the older children are doing their own school work.  I love that they can use these to have fun AND learn.  After all, learning doesn’t have to be boring, does it?


If you’re interested in purchasing some, you can find them in the school supplies section at Walmart.  In addition to the ones that I mentioned above, you can also find:


  • Learning Easel Activity Center
  • Counting Learning Activity
  • First Words Learning Activity
  • Rhyming Learning Activity
  • Numbers Learning Activity
  • Colors & Shapes Learning Activity



Donating School Supplies: One Way Our Family Can Serve

Disclosure: “I participated in this program on behalf of Champions for Kids and The Motherhood. All opinions are my own.”


Many of you know that I’m a homeschool mom.  I don’t actually send my children off to school, but we do love it when school supplies get cheap.  We always feel the need to stock up, so we don’t have to purchase them the rest of the year!

Donate School Supplies - One Way Our Family Can Serve

Just because I don’t send my children to school, doesn’t mean that I think that all children should be homeschooled.  In fact, I know that there are many who definitely should not be.  This year, I decided that I wanted to do my part in helping the community children who can’t afford the school supplies, to get the supplies that they need.


Did you know that more than 16 million American children live in poverty?  It makes sense that these children’s families would have a hard time purchasing the items that they’re expected to bring.  I am definitely one who thinks education is very important, and these supplies are the tools that the children need, to begin getting that education, one that can eventually bring them out of poverty if they so choose.  That’s why it is important for us to join together and help them get the supplies that they need for the upcoming school year. 


Champions for Kids - Donate Supplies to Local Students


I was at Walmart with my husband, shopping without my kids.  I spotted these backpacks from Champions for Kids.  It’s full of many of the items that a child would need for his or her school year and they’re nicely placed inside a backpack.  The cool thing about these backpacks is that they cost only $19.95, but they have a coupon book attached to the outside for you to take off before you donate it, that can save you up to $50!  You could easily save the money you spent on the backpack, when using the coupons!


Champions for Kids Back to School Backpacks


I decided to go ahead and purchase the backpack, so that my kids and I can donate it.  That way they would have the experience of getting to donate something to the local community, as I believe this is an important thing for children to learn.  While I was out shopping that evening, I got the call that my 8 year old was not doing well with her asthma and we ended up taking her to the hospital that evening and haven’t left since.  When we get back home and settled, I will be taking my children back to Walmart, so that they can make our family’s donation.  Will you join me?

Champions for Kids Logo

Immunity, Energy & Sleep- Naturally! (Wellness series pt 3)

Welcome to part 3 of our essential oil education series!  If you are just joining us, please start here:

Part 1: Essential Oil Basics

Part 2:  Wellness as a Lifestyle

Immunity, Energy & Sleep- Naturally!

Are you On Guard?!

OnGuard is doTERRA’s essential oil blend to boost immunity and fight off sickness.  I like to imagine a big warrior with a sword, ready to attack anything unwelcomed and protect me.  We use it on our feet every morning as prevention.  We diffuse it in our home constantly in the winter to stop the spread of sickness, reduce recovery time and help us avoid the bugs in the first place.  (Several years ago I remember being so sick of being sick.  It seemed that all winter I was home with someone that had a bug.  It would pass around over and over again.  Now we are maybe sick a few days a year.  It’s awesome!)

OnGuard comes in many products:

-Essential Oil Blend (topical, diffused)

-Beadlet (for quick on the go boost)

-Softgel (combined with the most powerful antibacterial and antiviral oils. This has knocked out many sicknesses for us a few hours.)

-Toothpaste (heavenly and safe to swallow)

-Laundry Detergent

-Foaming Hand Wash (stop the spread!)

-Cleaner Concentrate (for cleaning most everything)


Wow! The list sure has grown.  I love these products!


Energy Boost

-Peppermint: on feet, neck & inhale

-Slim & Sassy: 2-5 drops in a drink of water

-Mito2Max: supplement for stamina & sustained energy

Quality Sleep

-lavender: on feet, neck & pillow.  Inhale.

-Vetiver: if you need help with deep sleep.  Put the tinyest bit on your foot (big toe).  I can do this and 4 hours of sleep feels like a full night. (I do not recommend this, but on those nights when you just don’t get the sleep, it is a lifesaver).

Funny story with this one:  Grandma has a really hard time sleeping and I knew vetiver was good for that. I asked if I could rub her feet.  I used way too much (probably 8 drops or so).  The next day I was totally wasted and couldn’t figure out why.  Just by breathing it and having it on my hands I had slept all night and was drained all the next day.  This is hard core!   Just a tiny bit, please.   (Note:  everyone’s body chemistry is different, so my best oil for a certain issue may not be what works best for you.  Be patient.  You will find the right oil that is best for you.  The greatest resource is the Modern Essentials book.  It is a super easy guide book, A-Z look up your ailment and get recommendations on what has worked for others.)

-Balance/Serenity:  if you suffer from anxiety, This one is great.  Layer balance and serenity on your feet, neck and inhale.

Oils and their uses:

These are some things that have been found beneficial in my home and for those I know.

Melaleuca: great for the skin!  Acne, Boils, Cold Sores  (another funny- my 7 year old had his first canker shortly after I got my oils.  I heard Melaleuca was good and told him he could choose. I warned him it would taste gross, but he would feel better.  He agreed.  I put one drop on his cold sore.  He stuck out his tongue and complained that it was gross.  Of course, I couldn’t take it out.  Less than a minute later… “Wow! It doesn’t hurt anymore, Thanks MOM!”  Melaleuca is his favorite oil and he loves telling his story.)

Lemon: cleans sticky goo off (price stickers, labels, etc..), great white board cleaner, drink in your water daily to help your body flush out toxins (great for all citrus oils), makes a great lemon bar (recipe in Modern Essentials Book 5th ed)


Quick Recipe- Sanitizing Spray!

**OnGuard has been clinically studied and is amazing at stopping eColi, Staph, Strep and more… you can wipe the counter (onGuard Cleaner) and bacteria won’t grow for 7 days.  Truly Amazing!   It gets rid of the bad bacteria and lets you keep your good bacteria (unlike alcohol sanitizers that kill everything)

2 oz  misting spray bottle filled with distilled water

5-10 drops OnGuard


*I use this to spray surfaces (doorknobs, lightswitches, toys, etc.) whenever I need to sanitize and especially when someone is sick.   I gave a bottle to each of my kids to spray their hands as sanitizer and we spray throats to avoid or conquer illnesses.


Are You Interested in Joining &/or Purchasing doTerra?  

– You can always purchase dōTERRA essential oils and products retail from my store.  But, why buy retail, when you can get them BELOW WHOLESALE and even earn your Natural Healthcare for FREE!! Contact me for details and tons of education resources!!

– If you are drawn to this and need some financial healing, we can help!  Proven system and guidance to help you reach all your goals!


Online Health Summit


Our  Natural Solutions Health Summit is coming up  JULY 14-19th 2014.  It is completely ONLINE!  There are dozens of classes throughout the week – experts from all areas of Natural Health and Wellness.  This is not just essential oils people!  Nutrition, weightloss, candida, hair, cleaning, recipes, etc…  I learn SO MUCH in every session.   Watch as many as possible live and be entered to win HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS IN PRIZES!!  Catch those you miss on recording later.  It is AMAZING!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE all the education! Now for the most awesome part–  I have some free tickets available for Sidetracked Sarah readers! These tickets have a $200 value!  And you can have this awesome education for FREE!!!  If something is tugging at you and this may help you find some answers you’ve been looking for, please contact me and let me share this amazing gift with you!


Also check out our Essential Oil Internship  (If you want to jump right in to learn about essential oils and have them in your home!)

*If you would like to attend the internship or join the summit  and do not currently have a wholesale account with doTERRA, please contact me for a promo code.*

Please Include:



-Best Phone Number and time to call

-Natural things you use

-Top 3 health concerns

-Why you want to attend)


Please join us Monday (part 4) to learn how we use essential oils to Clean our homes and our bodies!