The Stock Your Freezer Sale!

School is in session and all is going well, right?  Except for this one thing.  Meal time is always chaotic!  I know you love the idea of crockpot freezer meals, but what about a new idea to help you with breakfast and lunch, too?  What if I told you that you could prep your breakfasts and lunches in advance?  My friend Kim of Not Consumed and I have joined forces and decided to create an epic and amazing sale for you!  We are selling her breakfast and lunch stations packs and I’m selling Weeks 1-4 of my Crockpot Freezer Meals, plus the $250 Walmart Crockpot Freezer Meal plan.  You buy them all together in a combo pack!  To buy all of this separately, you would be spending $32.91, but today for this limited time sale, you’ll get them all for $15!

Great deal!


Every mom struggles to get food on the table. Whether it's breakfast, lunch, or dinner...we've got you covered with this fantastic freezer meal sale. Don't wait. Ends  10/27


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Only $15!


Every mom struggles to get food on the table. Whether it's breakfast, lunch, or dinner...we've got you covered with this fantastic freezer meal sale. Don't wait. Ends  10/27


Breakfast Station Combo Set ($7.98 value)

This set includes all 12 recipes (from packs 1 & 2), labels, and printable menus. Combine the 2 shopping lists and you can make 380+ DIY breakfasts for your family! Just think of all the money you are saving!

Lunch Station Combo Set ($7.98 value)

The idea is simple. Cook once, eat lunch for 2-4 months! This combo set includes all 10 freezer lunch recipes, a complete shopping list, labels, and display menus. Enjoy 280+ easy lunches for your family.

Freezer to Slow Cooker Combo Set ($11.96 value)

You get 4 weeks of dinner meals that can go straight from your freezer to the slow cooker. That’s 24 nights where you don’t have to plan, prep, or cook dinner. The menu is made for you, the shopping list complete. All you have to do is run to the grocery store and put the bags together one afternoon by following the step by step assembly instructions. Dinner done.

PLUS, you get my $250 Walmart One Month Crockpot Freezer Meals Pack! ($4.99 value)

That’s 3-4 months worth of breakfast, 2-3 months worth of lunch, and 2 whole months worth of dinner, all for less than 50% of its retail price! I think it’s safe to say that this sale is epic. I know you will want to grab your copy of this amazing bundle, but don’t wait! The sale ends Monday at 11:59 p.m. CT, Oct. 27th!


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Only $15!


Stock Your Freezer Sale

10 Unusual Dish Soap Uses – #Palmolive25Ways #cbias

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#Palmolive25Ways and #CollectiveBias


10 Unusual Dish Soap Uses

I’m someone who prefers to do things the easy way.  Generally, I don’t like to have different cleaners on hand for each individual thing I need to clean in my house.  Not only does that promote clutter, it costs more money, too.  Because I like to use what I have laying around the house, I thought I’d tell you about a few different dish soap uses that you can use your Palmolive Dish Soap for!  Some of them are a bit unusual, but that’s what makes them more fun!


1.  Carpet Cleaner – The other morning, I woke up to a big puke stain on the carpet that my dog had left me.  I pulled out my Palmolive dish soap and squirted it on the stain. Then, I used a scrub brush to dig it deep into the carpet fibers.  I rinsed with a little water and a towel and suddenly, my stain had disappeared.  Saved by the Palmolive!

Clean your carpet stains with Palmolive dish soap


2.  Ant Repellant – Yes, Ant Repellant.  We have had a horrible problem with ants this year in our kitchen.  Actually, it’s every year, but this year, they seem to be a bit worse than most.  I mixed up a bottle of Palmolive dish soap and water and I spray it on those ants.  Since we’ve been doing this, the ants are getting fewer and fewer and we’ve noticed an unexpected benefit.  The kitchen smells fresh and clean!  That was a pleasant benefit!

Using Palmolive to Kill Ants


3.  Laundry Stain Remover – Yesterday, after church, we decided to take the kids to the newly built fast food Mexican restaurant for lunch.  That way we wouldn’t dirty any dishes AND all the hunger pangs could go away quicker.  The smaller girls were dressed up in their fancy dresses.  Of course, 2 bites in, they had dropped burritos onto their pretty dresses.  They were distraught, worrying that we wouldn’t be able to get the stain out.  The first thing I did when we got home was pull out the Palmolive and treated those stains.  It came out so fast!  We were all relieved!

Stain on Dress to be Treated with Palmolive Dish Soap

Palmolive Dish Soap for Treating Stains

More Uses for Dish Soap

4.  Flea Killer - Did you know you can wash your pets with Palmolive dish soap?  It is much less expensive than your leading flea shampoos and doesn’t harm your pets at all!

5. Fix a Hole in Inflatables - If you pour soapy water around where a leak should be, you can find that hard to spot leak in your tire or other inflatable device.  The leak will cause the water to bubble up (thanks to the Palmolive dish soap) and suddenly you know right where your hole is.

6.  Bug Deterrent – I keep mentioning bugs.  Really, Palmolive works well against all kinds of bugs, not just fleas and ants.  If you have a problem with bugs inside or out, spray around the foundation of the house and/or the inside at the baseboards with a Palmolive and water mixture.  It will work on roaches, bees, wasps, moths, spiders and more.  It’s so much safer than the smelly chemicals used in over the counter pest control products.

7.  Laundry Freshener - It’s time to freshen up your linens or even your mattress, spray your mixture of Palmolive and water onto anything you want to leave with a good smell.

8.  Clean Grease from hands - My husband is notorious for coming into the house with greasy hands after working on the tractor, mower or car and needing something to cut the grease right away.  We stopped buying the hand grease removers because they just didn’t seem worth it.  Instead, we use our dish soap.  It works great and smells better than the other stuff!

9.  Remove Excess Hair Color - This one I have not yet tried, because I never color my hair, but…..I’ve heard that if you color your hair too dark, you can lighten it up almost immediately if you quickly wash it in Palmolive dish soap.  It wouldn’t hurt to give it a shot!

10.  Make Bubbles - Kids love playing with bubbles!  Making them can be so much fun!  It’s easy, too!  Just mix together:

Palmolive dish soap – 1 part
Distilled Water – 15 parts
Glycerine or White Karo Syrup – 1/4 part

If you let them sit overnight, they become a bit more sticky, but other than that, you’re good to go!


We bought our Palmolive in the cleaning supplies aisle at Walmart!

10 Unusual Dish Soap Uses

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Life Hack – How to Shred Chicken with Ease

LIfe Hack.  Do you know what that is?  I had to look it up to make sure I wasn’t misusing it.  But….here’s the “official” definition.

Life Hack
That’s what I love to talk about here on Sidetracked Sarah.  Ways to save us as moms and home managers, time.  We don’t want to waste our days away spending too much time on things we don’t enjoy.  We want to spend our days on everything we do enjoy all while taking the least amount of time!  That’s why it’s fun to have life hacks.  Things that we sometimes think, “now why am I just now finding this out? are great life hacks!
How to Shred Chicken the Easy Way - Life Hacks on Sidetracked Sarah
Well this one comes from my friend Holly again.  Holly shared that a great and easy way to shred your chicken is like this…….
Boil your boneless, skinless chicken breasts.
How to Shred Chicken the Easy Way - Life Hacks on Sidetracked Sarah
When it is finished boiling, put it in your stand mixer and turn it on.  Chicken must be hot for this to work well.
How to Shred Chicken 2.jpg
Voila.  Shredded Chicken!
How to Shred Chicken the Easy Way - Life Hacks on Sidetracked Sarah
For real?  What?  You mean, I don’t have to stand there burning my fingertips, using two forks and my fingers to shred it?  Unbelievable.  I love it!
Do you have a life hack to share?  Email me at sidetrackedsarah (at)  and I may feature yours!  (Especially if I can recreate it or you can send me some pictures, too!)