5 Amazing Ideas to Help You Organize Under Your Kitchen Sink

Once upon a time, there was a girl, “happily” doing her dishes, when she noticed a puddle on her floor at her feet.  “Oh no”, she exclaimed, “Where is all that water coming from?”  The water, was coming from under the sink.  The pipes had come apart, allowing water to escape and drip onto the cabinet below.  That girl was me and this has happened to me several times over the past few years.  In addition to a problem with leaky pipes (that we believe is finally fixed once and for all), under the sink is also one of the places in the house that the mice seem to congregate.  We are surrounded on 3 sides with farmer’s fields and any time the farmer does anything out in those fields, the mice come running straight for our house.


Because of the problems we’ve had under our kitchen sinks, I’ve learned to cut back on the clutter that I keep down there.  That doesn’t mean that I still don’t have clutter, it’s just quickly removable and can easily be cleaned if need be.  I used to keep plastic bags and all sorts of stuff down there, now I mostly just keep cleaning supplies, light bulbs and flashlights.


In trying to figure out just how I’m going to redo my space again, I found a lot of really COOL ideas of how to organize under a kitchen sink.


5 Amazing Ideas to Help You Get Your Kitchen Sink Cabinet Organized!

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5 Amazing Kitchen Sink Ideas


1.  Try lining the bottom of your cabinet with a piece of laminate or sticky tiles.

That way if the sink leaks, it will not be sitting on wood.  If you choose a light color, you will be able to see if a mouse has been down there pretty easily, too.  Laminate tiles wipe clean very easily and will help you to keep your space clean!


2.  Use Sliding Baskets or Drawers.

By installing a sliding basket, you’ll have easier access to what is under your sink because it will pull out easily.  You could try something like this Rubbermaid basket:

Rubbermade slide basket


or this cute 2 tier sliding basket:


2 Tier Sliding Basket



3.  Use Stacking Drawers

This will help you to utilize your space so much more and will keep everything that you store in them protected.  Be sure to measure your space and maximize the amount of drawer space you can get under there.

stacking drawers




4.  Utilize the Door for Storage

You can attach baskets, door organizers or metal containers.  Either way, you will enjoy having the space to store the things you grab for the most often.


Door Caddy




Door Rack



5.  Use Under Shelf Baskets

I ilke this idea for utilizing all of your space.  This would require you to install a board for these shelves to hang from, as it will not be able to hang from your kitchen sink.  :)  Here’s what it could look like, complements of Crafts Alamode.  (You should check out her whole post of what she did under her sink, it’s amazing!)


Shelves under Sink


You can buy the shelves at Amazon that look like this:

Under Shelf Basket



Which of these options appeals the most to you?


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5 Amazing Ideas for Organizing Under Your Sink!  - SIdetrackedSarah.com




We’re going to be going through our kitchen junk drawer(s).  Do you have a great way that you keep your junk drawer organized?  Or does it explode all over the place every time you open it?    What do you keep in your junk drawer?  I’m looking for advice to share with others….and would love to include yours!   Please share here with me, email me or share with me on Facebook, so I can share your ideas.  Pictures are always appreciated, too!

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6 of the Most Organized Pantries You’ve Ever Seen!

You all know I’m a sidetracked mess, right?  I can’t even seem to get these weekly assignments done weekly.  My pantry is a disaster area.


Problem #1 – I have three areas where I keep my pantry items.


  • In a Lazy Susan
  • In a cabinet next to my fridge
  • In an end table in the living room (don’t laugh, it’s the canned goods…we buy in bulk and have to put ’em somewhere!)


To say they’re disorganized is definitely telling it like it is.  In fact, I put off this post because I didn’t have time to organize them all.  I decided to start with one, show you my before and after and then tackle the rest as I go.  So here goes…..


Here’s my before of the Lazy Susan:


There’s really no rhyme or reason to my mess.  It’s all just shoved wherever whoever last put it up there could make it fit.  Including laying a bottle of salad dressing on it’s side.  Ha.


Pantry - Sidetracked Sarah


and here’s my after:


Amazingly I have a whole empty shelf!  I really need to go shopping for my next Crockpot Freezer Meals menu!


Reorganized Pantry


Can you tell a difference?  I know I can….but you my have to be here to see it.


So, while I was trying to come up with how to make this post more interesting than just showing you my junky space, I was on Pinterest and saw the most amazingly organized pantries ever.  I knew you’d find these spaces, pretty cool, too…so I figured I’d HAVE to share them with you.


I pinned these to my Organized Kitchen Pinterest Board, too.  Each week, I pin the section of the house I’m in the midst of organizing, so if this interests you, take a minute to follow me over there!



6 of the Most Organized Pantries I've Ever Seen!


6 of the Most Organized Pantries I’ve Ever Seen!


1.  I love how she uses square edges in this one!  And labels.  A mix of baskets and containers.  It’s all a great way to use her space!

Pantry = Delightful Order


2.  I like all of the see through containers on this one.

Pantry = Boxwood Clippings


3.  I would love to have this much space all in one place.  I will consider doing something like this if I ever redesign my kitchen!



Pantry - AKA Designs



4.  I love all of these can organizers!


Pantry - 6 Sisters Stuff





You can buy similar organizers on Amazon….


5.  Oh to be this organized!  I like the blue labels on this one.

Pantry - Beauty & Bedlam


6.  I love the combination of the can holders and the see through containers with labels on this one.

Pantry - Babble


So what do you think?  Do you keep your pantry this organized?  Which one is your favorite?  What would you do differently?


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6 of the Most Organized Pantries You've Ever Seen!


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Organizing My Pots & Pans – 52 Week Organized Home

Last week, I organized my baking cabinet.  I’m still amazed every time I open that door.  It’s so pretty in there!  I can find everything, too!  Love it!  Next week, we’re working on our pantry, so if you have any pantry tips, I’d love to hear them, so I can share with other readers what you do!


I don’t know if you’ve been following along with us in this series, but I do hope that you’re plodding along with me.   Disorganized people like to know they’re not alone!  If you are doing your own organizing in your house, tell me so in a comment or on Facebook.  I’d love to hear from you!  Even if you haven’t done the whole list yet….or even if you’re tackling a different part of the list.  Tell me how it’s going!


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This week, we’re working on our pots, pans and cookie sheets.  For me, that means I get to clean out two cabinets.  It’s funny.  I usually dread my weekly assignment, but once it’s done, I am so glad that I did it!  It’s been sooo nice to have things organized.  I’m even keeping up with it…and quickly organize it again once I notice things getting out of control in those spaces again.  It only takes a couple minutes or less if I stay on top of it!

Ideas for Organizing Your Pots & Pans - SidetrackedSarah.com


My Before Pictures:


My Pots & Pans Cabinet


My Baking Cabinet - Before



My Cookie Sheets:



MY Cookie Sheets - A disorganized Mess



Some of my pans, I got for my wedding, almost 19 years ago…so they’re in really bad shape.  You can see the rust on my muffin tins.  I have some circle pans that are getting pretty rusty, too.  See….?


Circle Pan - Needs Replaced


It’s hideous.  I got a new cookie sheet for Christmas and that’s been so nice to have.  Now it’s time to get some circle ones and some new muffin tins.  I just ordered these from Amazon.  I decided to get rid of the metal muffin tins and try out silicone for a change.  We’ll see how I like them!


We have this baking set for my daughter to use (in place of an Easy Bake Oven) and we have really liked them…so I’m thinking I’ll be happy with them!

I also decided to order this little organizer for my cookie sheets.  I think it will be very helpful to have them upright and not falling down all the time!



So….How do you organize your pots and pans and cookie sheets?

How many do you keep on hand?

How many is enough?

It’s so hard to know, because you sure don’t want to be without when you need another one.

Do you have a special way to keep them organized and under control?


When I asked on my Facebook page, how YOU keep YOUR pots and pans organized, here’s some of the ideas that were shared:


Candyannie says:  Pots and pans under sink on wooden dish rack from dollar store. Casseroles and sheet pans under counter in an old metal file holder uprighted so different sizes go in different slots.


Shirley says:  I use a pegboard for all my skillets and pots with handles. Floor to ceiling about 30 inches wide. So nice easy access.


Donna says:My baking sheets (3) are inside the oven. Other ovenware is in the drawer under the oven.


Michele says:  My pots and pans are in a deep bottom drawer in our large island. My cookie sheets were in the drawer of my wall oven but had to move them to under the range cabinet.


While browsing Pinterest, I saw some amazing ideas!  Check out (and follow) my Pinterest Board called Kitchen Organizing Ideas.
Follow Sarah Robinson (SidetrackedSarah.com)’s board Kitchen Organizing Tips on Pinterest.


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Ideas for Organizing Your Pots & Pans



We’re going to be working on our Pantry.  The place we keep food…it sure gets messy in there!   Do you have a great way that you keep your pantry nicely organized and clutter free?  Do you ever throw out expired food?   Please share here with me, email me or share with me on Facebook, so I can share your ideas.  Pictures are always appreciated, too!

Also, if you want to see what you’ve missed and what’s coming, just go here:  52 Week Organized Home Challenge.

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