Decluttering Advice from a “Clutter Manager”

I’ve decided that my official job title should be “Clutter Manager”.  HA!  I can see it now, on my resume, I’ll put on it that I’ve been a clutter manager for 18 years.  I was going to make the title of this post “Decluttering Advice from a Hormonal Postpartum Woman”, but decided that I may make you want to run away scared.  :)  I wouldn’t have blamed you if you ran.  LOL

Decluttering Advice from a "Clutter" Manager

OK, so… you know how I challenged you to get rid of 20 things a day for the month of April?  I’ve actually stayed on target this past week.  Yesterday was my first day to slack and not quite make the 20 on that specific day, but another day, I got rid of double, so I’d say I’m still on track.  Yay me!

As I’ve gone about the house trying to get rid of things, I’ve realized a few things…..

1.  It’s harder to declutter if you’re not also organizing your space.

When I first decided to take on this challenge, I figured that it would be really easy to find 20 things a day.  I could go from my closet to my kids’ rooms to the messy bathroom cabinets, etc.  I didn’t take into account how much I would need to do more than just grab a few things and throw it into a bag.  I mean, yes…..the first few days, I could think of several spots where I could do that, but as the days have gone on, I realized that I need bigger blocks of time.  In fact, day 1, I started by going through my girls’ closet and getting rid of around 20 dresses.  In an effort to find some room in that bedroom, I ended up going back into their room and getting rid of about 20 more on another day.  That brings me to point #2.

2.  You may have to declutter the same space more than once.

It drives me crazy!  I will declutter something rather well (or so I think), but then go back a few days, or even a week or a month later and think, “why didn’t I get rid of that?”.  Sometimes, it takes going back 3 and 4 times before you really see your stuff for what it is.  If you’re not using it, why keep it?  Don’t feel bad if you go back and decide you need to get rid of more.  It’s actually a good thing.  Decluttering is a process.  It is a process of the mind and how it is learning to let go.  It’s not easy!  Especially for a sentimental woman like me.  :)

3.  The deeper you get, the harder it may become.

Especially if you have a fond memory attached to it or if you’re somehow emotionally attached to it.  For example, I ran across a dress that originally belonged to my now 14 year old daughter when she was 4.  It has been handed down through the girls and isn’t looking it’s best any more.  It wasn’t too bad, but it had a stain on it.  I wasn’t going to get the stain off (as I’m horrible at stain removal and taking the time to do it).  I know this about myself.  The last daughter who could fit into it, did not wear the dress very much at all because every time I put it on her, the stain bothered me.  Why, then, does it bother me to get rid of it?  I really had to wrestle with myself on if it’s OK to get rid of it.  Still sometimes, I worry that I made the wrong choice.  Why should I wrestle with it that much?  I shouldn’t.  When I start doing this, the main question I ask myself is an extreme one and one that you may find kind of silly, but it is this:  ”Would I be upset about losing this item if my house burned and this item burned up?”.  The answer to  that question, when talking about the dress, is no.  In fact, I may be relieved to  not have to make the decision!

4.  You may want to establish questions and/or rules for yourself.

Do you find yourself wavering back and forth on if you should or shouldn’t keep certain items?  How do you make those decisions?  My answer is to ask myself questions.

  1. Do you love this item?
  2. Will you miss it if you no longer owned it?
  3. Do you have a place to keep this item?  If not, is the item worth finding a place to keep it?
  4. Would you replace this item if you couldn’t find it?

5.  Have a plan on where your decluttered items will go.

Obviously, trash should go in the trash can, but where should the other items go?  I have a friend (and a husband for that matter) who would happily throw clutter away in the trash.  For me though, that causes me extreme anxiety.  LOL.  I cannot throw away something that others may want, need, or pay money for.  It completely stresses me out.  I place them all in a plastic trash bag and put them by the front door.  That way, the next time I go out the door, I can take those items to the local thrift store to donate them.  It doesn’t work very well for me to put them in my car.  If I do that, I will forget that they are there.  If I leave them by the door, I won’t take them until I’m ready to go and drop them off right then.  My husband has been known to drive my items to the thrift shop to get rid of them for me, too.

Have you taken the challenge to declutter this April?  You don’t have to do 20 things a day, but, try to pick a goal and run with it!  Living a life with less stuff to manage is definitely a goal that will make you happier!  I’m getting happier every day!  :)

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Will YOU Take on THIS Decluttering Challenge?

Will You Take on This Decluttering Challenge?


We have many projects going on here at the Robinson household.  I just gave birth to our 7th child 2.5 weeks ago and I’m definitely feeling ready to be back to normal again!  I felt like my pregnancy was full of the brain fog that left many projects undone.  I was only accomplishing the minimum.  While I certainly have high hopes of accomplishing more than the minimum right now, my nursling baby is definitely in control of the situation.  She’s been nursing every waking moment and very unhappy if she’s not.  With that said, I can see that my brain fog is lifting and I can see so many projects around the house that we’d love to get done!  In fact, because my husband is highly motivated right now, he’s doing a great job of getting many of them done while I sit in the chair nursing my little one.  That’s OK though, she only stays this little for a short time.

Because I’ve been sitting in my chair so often, I’ve had plenty of time to think (between helping kids in school and answering a bazillion questions of course).  I have been thinking about this for a while and I think I’m finally ready to take action.

I want to declutter!

I need to declutter!

How am I going to find the extra arms it takes to declutter though?  Hmmm….

I know!  I know!!

I can find 20 things to get rid of a day!!

Does that sound like a crazy goal to you?  A few weeks ago, I posed this question on my Facebook Page, asking if you all would be interested in joining me for decluttering 20 items a day and some of you were all for it while others of you thought I must be nesting and/or crazy.  After all, who in the world COULD get rid of 20 things every day?  ME!  I can.  For a time anyway.  Yes, I think I was nesting, so I decided to postpone that idea….but now…. I still want to do it.  I seriously have so much stuff and I’m sick of managing stuff!

For the month of April, I’m going to try very hard to get rid of 20 things each day.  That means by the end of the month, i could make it to the huge number of 600 items.  Now that’s a lot of stuff.  I’ll try to post my updates on Tuesdays, but I may check in more often on Facebook.  Of course, life happens, and if I happen to miss an update, I’ll catch up with you as soon as I can!

What counts as decluttering?

While we definitely need to get rid of trash, I’m not going to count that as one of my items.  Trash is easy enough to pick up and throw away.  What will count for me is anything that was once useful to me or could be useful to someone else.  For instance, clothes, toys, kitchenware, dvd’s, etc.

If I haven’t used it in a year or two.  It should be gone.

Now, before I go and disappoint you all, please give me a little bit of grace.  If I don’t manage to hit my 20 things a day mark, realize that this adorable baby could totally wreak havoc on my plans.  If that happens, it’s OK.  Anything that I can get rid of will be strides in the right direction, don’t you think?

I’ll be sure to share with you weekly updates AND I’ll try to share with you some of my Stop Procrastinating projects that I have coming, too.  We have more projects than time and we’re really working towards improving our house this year….so I can’t wait to share what we’re doing to make it better!

In the mean time, I’ll be pulling some encouragement from the following e-book resources:

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Also, another of my organizing and decluttering favorites is 28 Days to Hope for Your Home by Dana White as well as her other book Drowning in Clutter.  You can buy both books for a discount here.

These 2 books are pretty quick reads, which is nice when you’re supposed to be decluttering!  They give very practical tips on how to get through your mental blocks and what to say to yourself when you’re trying to talk yourself into keeping things that you really have no business keeping.  They’re both worth the investment, I assure you!


So, what do you think?  Are YOU ready to take the decluttering challenge?  Leave me a comment below and let me know how many things you’re going to declutter each day/week/month.  PLUS, interact with me about decluttering on Facebook!  START NOW!

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