Organizing my Baking Cabinet – 52 Week Series

Last week, I got my cups and glasses organized.  I have so enjoyed the clutter free cups and glasses zone!  You know, I’m finding that since I’m doing my kitchen so slowly, it’s not painful at all!  But….I’m getting it done so much faster than if I hadn’t started this.  I literally haven’t touched the baking cabinet in a few years.  Ridiculous, I know.  It was BAD!

Organizing My Baking Supplies Cabinet

Organizing my Baking Supplies Cabinet


Here’s my before picture:

Baking Cabinet - Before


When I say baking supplies, this also includes some serving dishes, all the measuring cups, the sugar, flour and cake decorating supplies.  There’s plenty of things in there…..but I always refer to it as my baking supplies cabinet because that’s what I use the most out of that cabinet.


It was getting so bad.  I had cake decorating sugars all dumped out, spilled food coloring, old coconut (about 2.5 bags of it…all having been opened before and never finished).   There was more.  Much, much more!  But… it looks so nice!  I figured out that I need a nice new set of measuring cups.  I have about 5 different style of not complete sets.  Whatever happened to all of the pieces of them?  I have no clue.  I picked a few to toss….and kept the rest, but I think I may order these:

Oh and I used some of my old Shaklee protein powder containers to hold the sugar and flour.  They are perfect sizes and have nice screw on lids.  They could use a nice pretty label, but for now, sharpie marker works great.


Storage Containers



Here’s my after picture:

Baking Cabinet - After


Your Assignment (should you choose to accept it)

  1. Remove everything from your cabinet.
  2. Throw away any old food.
  3. Put sugar and flour and other bagged items into jars or containers that they will not spill out of.
  4. Organize your items by shelf.  (food items together, measuring cups together, serving dishes together, etc.).
  5. Wipe out the bottom each cabinet.
  6. Put everything back in, in an orderly manner.
  7. Shut the door and enjoy having that cabinet back in order again.  It only took me about 30 minutes (because mine was a big mess), but I’ll be able to enjoy it for so much longer!


Other Ideas for Organizing Your Baking Supplies:


I asked for ideas on Facebook and got the following ideas:


  • Anna says:  I have a freestanding pantry with some drawers in it…one drawer is for baking sweets, one more for spices and one shelf is for all larger stuff (flour, oatmeal, etc). Baking pans are in the drawer under my stove except ones I use frequently which are tucked in the shelf with flour, etc.


  •  Courtney says:  Use them up! Actually I use mason jars with plastic lids. Freeze all but a small amount to keep them fresh.


  •  Sarah says:  I just put all mine in air tight packages in bins from Dollar Tree.


  • Geremi says:  i just purchased a seasoning spice organized that’ll clip onto the inside of my cabinet and it will hold all my spices. Thankfully because space in my kitchen is limited.                                                Spice Storage Rack - Amazon


  • I like these storage containers, too and they would probably look better than my Shaklee containers.    

What about you?  Have you joined in this challenge yet?  Will you pin this image, to let more people know about it?  All you have to do is click the image to pin it and it will take you directly to Pinterst.

Organizing my Baking Supplies Cabinet -


We’re going to be working on our Pots & Pans cabinet as well as cookie sheets.  For me, that’s two cabinets full of stuff that I’ll be going through.  Do you have a great way that you keep your cookware nicely organized and clutter free?  How do you decide what to get rid of?  What are your must have cookware pieces?  Please share here with me, email me or share with me on Facebook, so I can share your ideas.  Pictures are always appreciated, too!

Also, if you want to see what you’ve missed and what’s coming, just go here:  52 Week Organized Home Challenge.

Will you join me in this 52 Week Organized Home Challenge?

52 Weeks of an Organized Home – Drinking Glasses!

Welcome back (finally!) to the 52 week Organized Home Challenge!  I know I took way too much time off.  Chaos will do that to you.  I do not intend to get off track any more and I’m ready to jump right back into this organization and clutter free mindset.

Will you join me in this 52 Week Organized Home Challenge?


It’s been freeing to have the spaces we’ve already worked on nice and organized.  In fact, I’ve gotten a little bit obsessive about the storage containers.  People keep putting them back without lids.  They keep tossing them down in that cabinet like we have been for years.  Of all the nerve!  I keep instructing them one by one, and hopefully they’ll eventually get it.  You must put them back with the lid on!  I love the fact that the storage containers no longer fall out onto the floor all the time, lol.


Get Your Cups, Mugs and Glasses Under Control


This week, I’ve been struggling with getting all of these glasses, cups and mugs organized.   I would LOVE to get my drinking cups and glasses under control.  We have way too many and not enough of the right kind.  My kids use too many cups throughout the day.  We’ve tried many different methods.  We’ve tried color coding cups (you only drink out of this color).

Color Coded Cups

That worked well for a while, but we got out of the habit and have trouble finding enough colors now that we have so many kids.  (At the time, I could only find red, pink, blue and green.)   We’ve tried using Drink Bands, but if the dishes didn’t get done at the end of the day, we’d never know if that cup was from today or yesterday (I know, all dishes should be washed by the end of the day, but around here, sometimes dinner dishes wait until morning.)


On one hand, I want to have lots of cups available so that we’re never out of them, but on the other hand, the more we have, the more we use and the more dirty dishes we create.  I guess it’s time to do some cup decluttering.  After all, I think I had about 20 in my dishwasher at the end of the day.  Not good!


Your Assignment:


Take a look at all of your cups, mugs and glasses.

Are there any that are in bad shape?

Any chipped or cracked?

Any that never get used?

Too many for your space?

Any that you’ll never miss?

Any that just won’t fit right?  (Like these oh so cute Dixie Stampede cups I have in my cabinet shaped like a boot?)

It’s time to pack them up and get rid of them!

Here’s my progress:

Before, you can see my overstuffed cabinet….

Cup Cabinet


and drawer……


Cup Drawer




Cup Cabinet - After


Cup Drawer - After

As you can see, I barely have any adult glasses and I probably kept way too many sippy cups.  The truth is, I didn’t have time to go through the lid drawer…..but I will gauge what to get rid of partly by answering the question, “Does it still have a decent lid?”.  I did manage to get rid of 2 Walmart bags full of cups.  It is so freeing to see the cups that always stress me out, head out the door.  I don’t know why I didn’t do this earlier!


I’ve been thinking about writing this post for a while now and have literally been dreading it!  I get a little bit attached to things for some odd reason…but once I took them out of my space, I’m so much happier.  Now, I need some more adult style glasses.  I’ve been thinking about getting some restaurant cups that will stack well, like these from Amazon (affiliate link):




But, I also like how glasses feel in my hand.  We have a problem with our glass getting foggy and/ or white stains on them from the water that we wash them in.  Do you know of any tips to get them cleaned and no long with the white on them?   I’d love to hear them!  Here’s what one of my worst ones looks like:

Foggy Glass - Hard Water Stains

We never want to drink out of this one, but I’m not ready to just pitch all glass ware either.   I’d love to hear your tips!!


And while you’re at it, would you help me spread the word about the Organized Home Challenge?  Just click on this image to pin it on Pinterest:

Cups, Mugs Organized - Pinterest




We’re going to be working on our baking supplies cabinet or at least one upper cabinet in your kitchen.  Do you have a great way that you keep your baking supplies nicely organized and clutter free?  How do you decide what to get rid of?  What are must have items in the baking cabinet?  Please share here with me, email me or share with me on Facebook, so I can share your ideas.  Pictures are always appreciated, too!

Also, if you want to see what you’ve missed and what’s coming, just go here:  52 Week Organized Home Challenge.

Will you join me in this 52 Week Organized Home Challenge?

Organizing Your Kitchen Utensils and Silverware Drawer

Will you join me in this 52 Week Organized Home Challenge?


Welcome back to the 52 Week Organized Home Challenge.  It seems that I can’t ever do this challenge on the same day each week.  I think I’ll do it on Monday or Tuesday and suddenly it’s Thursday.  I’m still going to aim to get my organization project done in time for Monday or Tuesday each week, just realize I may not always hit that mark.  :)  Either way, I’ve been really enjoying the improvements I’m seeing.  I know they’re so very gradual, but…when I open that storage container cabinet, it makes me happy to see that it’s not a horrible mess!  Now, I’ll feel the same way about my silverware and utensils!

Organizing Utensils


Organizing Kitchen Utensils and Silverware


This is what my drawers look like right now.

My silverware was all dirty when I started this, lol.

Organizing Your Silverware Drawer


There were so many things in this utensil drawer, that they were getting broken!


Organizing my utensil drawers


I’ve got one drawer for my silverware, one very overstuffed drawer for my most used utensils and one less stuffed drawer for my utensils that I don’t use that often.  My silverware drawer gets all sorts of stuff  around, beside and underneath the organizer.


We have a bad habit in our family.  We leave drawers and doors in the kitchen open.  Not always, but often enough to where we get crumbs in them.  I know, you’re going to think we’re a big slobby mess by the end of this series, lol, but that’s OK.  I’m telling you all the worst about us.  I wouldn’t want you to think we’re perfect or anything.  This year has been hectic and I’m trying to get back into my groove.  You get to come along for the ride.  I hope you’re joining me for the ride, even if your house doesn’t look quite as bad as mine.

How My Drawers Look Now

I was able to throw away several old medicine dispensers for children and get rid of some grilling tools and several knives.  The one drawer is still really full, but things will not be getting broken in there any more.  Also, it’s nice and clean and wiped out, no crumbs inside.  :)  Here’s my finished product for now…..


In the silverware drawer, I took out all of the loose stuff around the silverware organizer and added two Sterilite baskets.  I bought the pack of 3 baskets for $1 at Walmart.

Utensil Drawer 2


In the utensil drawers, I pretty much have one drawer mostly for grilling tools.  I could probably cut down a little more on the drawer on the left, but I do use a lot of these on a regular basis.  The cheese grater handle is broken, so I need to replace it, but refuse to get rid of it until I do.  Eventually, I’d like to organize my drawers with a drawer organizer like this (I love how easy this is to make!), but I’m a little worried my drawers aren’t big enough to give me enough success.  Maybe if I moved everything out of the right drawer…I could combine everything from both drawers into one.

Organized Utensil Drawers


5 Ideas for Keeping Your Kitchen Utensils Organized

  1. Keep them on your counter in a utensil container.  This can help accent your decor, too!
  2. Hang them on the wall
  3. Only keep one of each item (except maybe a spatula)
  4. Get rid of things you don’t use very often
  5. Make or buy drawer dividers.


Shared on Facebook:

Traci says:I have 3 drawers – One is for silveware.  Two is for all the utensils I use for BAKING. Three is for all the general utensils such as a potato masher, can opener, etc.  Now if I can just get the kids and hubby to put the right things where!


Robin says:  I have a 3 drawer small organizer for spoons forks and knives. Easy for the smaller kids to get them.


Cindy says: First of all, I do not have fancy silverware. Sam’s Club sells packs of 36 of each utensil, 36 forks. 36 big spoons. They also have 36 small spoons and 36 butter knives (I do not have either of these.).   I keep the 36 big spoons in my coffee drawer, under the coffee pot, under the coffee cups.  Forks are in silverware drawer with the 4 small spoons and 4 odd butter knives that I own. In this drawer I keep my pizza cutter, can opener, sharp knives and a couple of other misc items I use.  Why 36 forks and big spoons, I noticed years ago that even when we had company, that everyone only used forks. Spoons became necessary later, so I got a pack.  When I bought mine, they were about six bucks. Now I think they are more but less than 10.  My plastic cooking tools are in a big can above the stove in a cabinet, but I am gonna change that soon.  (Sarah here….after I read this, I realized I must have more small spoons and found that Walmart had packs of 4 for 88 cents.  I bought 3 of those and realized how nice it was to finally have enough!).


Purfyle says:  How much can I bore you? I had so much silverware it took up 2 drawers just for the standard cutlery, knives, forks, spoons, teaspoons. I had another drawer for wooden spoons and serving spoons etc, and another drawer for knives and sharps and another drawer for gadgety bits like peeler’s and corkscrews and pastry cutters. It took forever to wash the cutlery type things. I have pared back and pared back. My kitchen knives all fit on a magnet knife holder. My wooden spoons and 5 pairs of tongs are kept in a wine ice bucket, and the stainless steel masher, ladle, whisk and slotted spoons that can be hung are hung on hooks off a chain suspended from the ceiling. The actual cutlery is down to a single set of 8 serves and all the rest has been put away and I have lived very happily without them. And finally all the other bits, can-opener, peeler, lemon squeezer tool, olive piper etc. that are too short to fit in the ice bucket are in an upcycled wipes container. (the rectangle kind) I know that sounds like a lot but it’s so much less then what we had. If they don’t fit in those containers then it doesn’t belong in my kitchen. 

Products That May Help You:

(affiliate links)



What product do you think would help you organize your utensils the most?  Have you been joining in on this challenge?  How have you been doing?

Organize Silverware


Next week, we’re working with our glasses, mugs and sippy cups.  Do you have a great system that you use to keep your glasses, mugs and sippy cups under control?  I am in need of hearing from you!!!  This is another place that I feel is out of control for me!  Please leave me a comment, say something on Facebook or email me.

Don’t forget to check out the Organized Home Challenge, to see what we’re doing next!