When You Don’t Know What to Do Next

Lately, I’ve had so many things to accomplish, I’m not sure what to do first.  I spin in circles, sit and do nothing or just do the wrong things because I don’t know where to start.  Have you ever been there?  I’m guessing if you’re the procrastinator type, like me, you definitely have.



Here lately, we have had a lot of things to get done, not just on my blog, but in our family life as well.   The things that we have to get done are not the types of things that we can complete all at once, but things that have to be done in small increments.  Paperwork, appointments, more paperwork, emails galore, scheduling, research and blogging, to name just a few.  It is literally overwhelming to think about sometimes, but amazingly, we keep chipping away at them and slowly but surely, we get things done.  Maybe not as fast as I’d like to, but still they’re getting done.
When I’m in that stage of life, as a mom, I tend to turn to some tips that I’ve learned through the years.   Here’s what I do:


When you Don't Know What to Do Next


1.  Make lists.  I’ve resisted lists for a long time.  I hated lists as a child, so it was hard for me to decide to use them as an adult, but alas, sometimes you just have to.  And sometimes, it feels really good to check things off of that list!  In my email program (Gmail), I am using a plugin called Productive Inbox to help me make a list that I always see in my sidebar when I’m responding to emails.  It is very helpful.  I love getting to check the box that it’s done.  It makes me feel so accomplished.  Here’s a funny story though.  Once, I noticed some things on my list that I knew I didn’t put there.  It turns out, my husband discovered my list and added to it, lol.  It appears he likes my list approach and wanted to nicely remind me of the things he’d been asking me to do as well.


2.  Do Hard Things First.  As written about in the book called, “Eat That Frog”, if you choose to stop procrastinating on the hard things, and begin with them instead, you’ll get more done in the long run.  Just jump in, make yourself start with the harder things and it all steamrolls from there.  It really does work!


3.  Prioritize.  Of course, sometimes, your list isn’t necessarily hard, it’s just abundant.  There’s so many things on your list, you just don’t know where to begin.  That’s when you decide what’s the most important.  What will make the most impact on your day or week if you get it done?  Can you batch the things on your list?  Make all of your phone calls at once, answer all of your emails at once and write all of your blog posts at once?  (Yes, I’m talking to myself…lol.)  Good, then do it!


4.  Be OK with a Rest Day.  Sometimes you’re so busy that you just need to take a day’s rest.  If you take a day to just do nothing, you’ll be able to be more productive tomorrow when you get back to it.  I know it’s hard to take a break when you have so many things hanging over your head, but really it works and you’ll often find that you’re more productive because you took a break.  Depending on your list, I realize it’s not always feasible, but a lot of times it is.  So do it!


5.  Assign.  Get your family or even your friends in on the to-do list.  If it’s simple cleaning tasks that’s on your list, just divide it up between you.  If it’s more complex, you can’t exactly do that, but….you may be able to hire it out, if you have enough extra cash.  Sometimes, just paying someone to get it done faster is totally worth it.  Of course, if you have a limited budget like we’ve had for years, that may not be possible.  Don’t feel bad, just offer to trade with a friend.  Many hands make light work.


What about you?  Do you use these tips when you’re overwhelmed?  Do you do something entirely different?  Leave me a comment and tell me all about it.  Or join in on the conversation on Facebook.

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5 Amazing Ideas to Help You Organize Under Your Kitchen Sink

Once upon a time, there was a girl, “happily” doing her dishes, when she noticed a puddle on her floor at her feet.  “Oh no”, she exclaimed, “Where is all that water coming from?”  The water, was coming from under the sink.  The pipes had come apart, allowing water to escape and drip onto the cabinet below.  That girl was me and this has happened to me several times over the past few years.  In addition to a problem with leaky pipes (that we believe is finally fixed once and for all), under the sink is also one of the places in the house that the mice seem to congregate.  We are surrounded on 3 sides with farmer’s fields and any time the farmer does anything out in those fields, the mice come running straight for our house.


Because of the problems we’ve had under our kitchen sinks, I’ve learned to cut back on the clutter that I keep down there.  That doesn’t mean that I still don’t have clutter, it’s just quickly removable and can easily be cleaned if need be.  I used to keep plastic bags and all sorts of stuff down there, now I mostly just keep cleaning supplies, light bulbs and flashlights.


In trying to figure out just how I’m going to redo my space again, I found a lot of really COOL ideas of how to organize under a kitchen sink.


5 Amazing Ideas to Help You Get Your Kitchen Sink Cabinet Organized!

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5 Amazing Kitchen Sink Ideas


1.  Try lining the bottom of your cabinet with a piece of laminate or sticky tiles.

That way if the sink leaks, it will not be sitting on wood.  If you choose a light color, you will be able to see if a mouse has been down there pretty easily, too.  Laminate tiles wipe clean very easily and will help you to keep your space clean!


2.  Use Sliding Baskets or Drawers.

By installing a sliding basket, you’ll have easier access to what is under your sink because it will pull out easily.  You could try something like this Rubbermaid basket:

Rubbermade slide basket


or this cute 2 tier sliding basket:


2 Tier Sliding Basket



3.  Use Stacking Drawers

This will help you to utilize your space so much more and will keep everything that you store in them protected.  Be sure to measure your space and maximize the amount of drawer space you can get under there.

stacking drawers




4.  Utilize the Door for Storage

You can attach baskets, door organizers or metal containers.  Either way, you will enjoy having the space to store the things you grab for the most often.


Door Caddy




Door Rack



5.  Use Under Shelf Baskets

I ilke this idea for utilizing all of your space.  This would require you to install a board for these shelves to hang from, as it will not be able to hang from your kitchen sink.  :)  Here’s what it could look like, complements of Crafts Alamode.  (You should check out her whole post of what she did under her sink, it’s amazing!)


Shelves under Sink


You can buy the shelves at Amazon that look like this:

Under Shelf Basket



Which of these options appeals the most to you?


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5 Amazing Ideas for Organizing Under Your Sink!  - SIdetrackedSarah.com




We’re going to be going through our kitchen junk drawer(s).  Do you have a great way that you keep your junk drawer organized?  Or does it explode all over the place every time you open it?    What do you keep in your junk drawer?  I’m looking for advice to share with others….and would love to include yours!   Please share here with me, email me or share with me on Facebook, so I can share your ideas.  Pictures are always appreciated, too!

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