Weekly Challenge: Pick 3 Problem Areas & Tackle Them

You know I’m a procrastinator, right?  Throw a baby into my mix and suddenly I’m an ultra extreme procrastinator!  I have to have my teens help me keep up.  Either they’re watching the kids for me or they’re helping me clean.  It’s OK though, it doesn’t hurt them to work (and I let them get out plenty, believe me!).   But, I do get sick of seeing my messes, even though I’m not all that observant.  The laundry gets out of control super quick!


Pick 3 Problem Areas

Now that baby is almost 4 months old, she’s starting to get a little bit easier, so I should be able to get more things done.  Thus, the reason I’m back to this tactic of using my website to motivate myself.

My house explodes on a regular basis.  Seriously!  It’ll look like a tornado went through it, but then we spend 30 minutes picking up and all of a sudden things are a whole lot more tolerable.  But still, my messes are still around.  Just in piles.  In corners of the rooms.  At the end of the table.  On the fireplace benches.

I’ve decided to start tackling my piles.  You know the ones.  The ones I don’t really notice.  They’re normally there, so they feel normal to me.  ;)  I’m actually going to show you a few of mine…….because next week, I’m going to show you that they’re gone.

I’m using this tactic to:

1) motivate myself


2) to motivate you!


laundry pile

#1 on my list is the laundry in my living room.  We use one of our couches to stack the clean laundry.  When we’re about to fold, it gets knocked onto the floor.  This is a constant problem area for us, because we always have laundry coming in and out.  I often don’t really notice the laundry explosion because it’s something we’re always working on.  This week, my goal is to have that pile there as little as possible.

The Pile at the End of my Table

The Mess on My Table

We have 2 tables we can eat at in our house.  This one serves as a school table, lunch table, printer holder and whatever else I decide.  One day, I was tired of going through things and I just piled it all at the end of the table.  Can you believe someone would do this?  :D  It’s been sitting there ever since, getting messier and messier.  I’ve been ignoring it.

The Piles on my Fireplace Bench

Weekly Challenge

I was given a cute diaper cake for a baby gift and it exploded and has been sitting there like this.  Plus, I’ve got a box of books I need to go through to see if I can sell any of them on Amazon.  Sitting they are.  Why oh why do I procrastinate so?

Your messes may not be the same as mine, but I have a feeling that there’s some part of your life that you’d like to have a little more order in.  Use these weekly posts to motivate yourself!  Show me or tell me what you’re getting done by leaving a comment or sharing on Facebook.

You may notice that I’ve chosen some pretty easy things to get done (or at least they may seem easy to you, lol), but…I’m trying to keep it doable, in this busy baby world that I live in.  We’ll see if I can manage these 3 tasks.

What’s on your list?  What 3 things will you tackle this week?

Enjoy Life & Get the Dishes Done with a Baby

Disclosure: I received a VTech® VM333 Safe&Sound® Pan & Tilt Full-Color Video Monitor so that I could accurately review the product and I was compensated for my time. All opinions represented in this review are 100% my own and are not reviewed by V-tech before publishing.

Enjoy Life AND Get the Dishes Done


Life is busy!  For me, with 7 children in the house, sometimes I am overwhelmed by the amount of things I need to do.  Don’t get me wrong.  I do love it….but it can get overwhelming at times!  We have so many chores that need to get done on any given day AND I have an infant in the house.  Need I say more?

Watching the baby on the V-tech Baby Monitor

Baby Quinnly does not sleep well, unless she’s in mommy’s arms or in a very still and quiet environment.  Sometimes I wonder how she got any sleep while in my womb, as loud as we are!  The best way for me to get her to sleep to where she actually STAYS asleep is if I lay down in bed with her, let her nurse until she’s asleep and slowly inch away from her.  But, I’ve never felt good about leaving her alone in the room.  I like to be close to my babies and make sure they don’t suddenly quit breathing.  I know, it’s highly unlikely, but ever since I learned about the risk of SIDS, I’ve always watched them close!

So, what’s a mom to do?  Well, in the past, I’ve pulled up a chair to the dresser and worked on my computer, sitting right there in the same room where I could see her.  Other times, I just sat on the bed, reading, napping or working on my computer right next to her until she woke up.  She never seemed to nap very long though.

But now that I have this VTech® Safe&Sound® Video Monitor, I can point the camera right at her and go and get a few things done while watching her the whole time!  The room stays quiet, which in turn helps her to sleep longer.  How awesome is that?  I can even do the dishes!  


Watching my Baby with the Vtech Baby Monitor


I know, it probably sounds weird to think about me being excited about doing my dishes, but my kitchen has been an utter disaster lately.  Every time I tried to do the dishes, one of the older kids would accidentally wake her up.


My kitchen is a mess!

With this baby monitor, once my camera is pointed at baby Quinnly, I can zoom in on her using the 2x zoom and I can even look around the room using the pan and tilt feature.  It pans up to 270 degrees from side to side and as many as 124 degrees up and down.


V-tech Baby Monitor.jpg

With the built in microphone, I can hear her sounds.  I can even talk back to her by pushing a button on the monitor and saying something to sooth her.

When she gets older, and a little more mobile, if I wanted to keep my eye on several different rooms at once, I could purchase 1 to 3 more cameras to hook up to this system and keep an eye on every area that my mobile baby or toddler will be.  The monitor will rotate through each of those video’d rooms, show me a split view or even let me stay on just one of them.

For me, the fact that I can keep my baby safe AND get things around my house done is priceless.  Baby needs more sleep.  I need to get more work done.  It’s a win-win situation!  I don’t want to miss out on the simple moments, just because life is busy!  Now, I don’t have to!  And my kitchen is finally clean, too!


My Kitchen is Finally Clean

VTech® VM333 Safe&Sound® Pan & Tilt Full-Color Video Monitor

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Naturally Clean with Essential Oils: Body & Home! {Part 4}

Today, is part 4 of a guest series from my friend, Livia.  Several months back, Livia introduced me to Frankincense essential oil to help my 12 year old daughter with her epilepsy seizure auras.  We have been using it with some success in overcoming the auras which has been awesome!  Livia has a lot more knowledge at her fingertips and I know you’ll glean something from it, if you’re at all interested in natural health and essential oils.  Please, give Livia a warm welcome!  


Welcome to part 4 of our essential oil education series!  If you are just joining us, please check it out here:

Part 1: Essential Oil Basics

Part 2:  Wellness as a Lifestyle

Part 3: Immunity, Energy & Sleep Naturally

Naturally Clean with Essential Oils:  Body & Home

 Healthy & Fit

Over the years I’ve talked to many people who struggle with cravings for sugar, caffeine, pop, etc.   Often they try to lose weight and just get stuck.  I’m sure this is a frustrating place to be.  dōTERRA has an amazing Slim and Sassy weightloss program.  They have a lifestyle change competition each year.  I am so inspired by all the people I see stepping up and taking control of their life and reaching their goals.  It really is about lifestyle… foods, exercise, and releasing fat.  doTERRA’s amazing products are the key (Slim and Sassy plus the TrimShake).  So many people have broken down all the walls they hit with other programs. You really should check it out!


Out with the bad—In with the good!


I am part of Essential Oil Revolution.  They have created an amazing Slim and Sassy 14 day detox- whole food cleanse.  I did it last fall and I felt absolutely amazing!  They guide and support you in eating whole foods, cleansing your gut and instilling good habits to help you thrive in your life of wellness.  It is a $89 program that I can get you for free with the internship.  Did I mention that it comes with recipes!?  They are yummy too!


Clean your space!

I love my cleaners!  I’m working on finding DIY loves for all my household products.  I’ve almost replaced all of my cleaning supplies.  In fac, being a graphic designer has come in handy.  I made cute labels to put on my containers.  Here is a page you can download and print!

-OnGuard / Purify.  I like to add a drop or two do my laundry to give it a boost and get it really clean! (works wonders on sweaty boy smell)

-Citrus oils: naturally cleansing.

-Main Ingredients I use: OnGuard Cleaner Concentrate, liquid castile soap, vinegar, baking soda, borax, washing soda, fels napthsa, citric acid, kosher salt, hydrogen peroxide… I think that’s most of it.  You can follow my pinterest page to see lots of DIY ideas!

Oils and their uses:

These are some things that have been found beneficial in my home and for those I know.

Oregano: most powerful natural antibiotic.  This is a HOT oil.  Be sure to dilute it.  We do it on our feet when we feel like we are getting sick.

OnGuard+:  Awesome product they came out with last year.  It combines the most powerful antibiotics, Antivirals and immune boosting oils in a synergistic way into a softgel that is easily used by the body.  It’s so nice to just grab it when we feel the sickness coming. (way better than trying to fill our own capsules like we used to)  Black Pepper, Oregano, OnGuard & Melissa (one of the super-power oils, expensive on it’s own, but awesome to be included.)

TriEase:  Lemon, Lavender & Peppermint combo in a  convenient softgel.  This is for the allergy sufferers.  Amazing results from this as well.

If you have someone with allergies that doesn’t swallow pills—I put the same oils on their feet or dilute and rub on neck, chest, back and inhale. ( I even did the combo in a sprayer with water for the throat – intense.)  Before the softgel, many people would put a few drops in water and drink it.  That is another option.

Quick Recipe- Quick Cleaning Foam!

Mix 2 Tbsp OnGuard Cleaner Concentrate with 24oz water to make the all purpose spray.

Put some into a foaming pump bottle.

For a quick clean, pump the soap onto the counter and wipe with a paper towel. No need to rinse.  This is great for keeping your surfaces clean.

I Need this in my life! – You can always purchase dōTERRA essential oils and products retail from my store.  But, why buy retail, when you can get them BELOW WHOLESALE and even earn your Natural Healthcare for FREE!! Contact me for details and tons of education resources!!

– If you are drawn to this and need some financial healing, we can help!  Proven system and guidance to help you reach all your goals!

Great News!!!


Our  Natural Solutions Health Summit is coming up  JULY 14-19th 2014.  It is completely ONLINE!  There are dozens of classes throughout the week – experts from all areas of Natural Health and Wellness.  This is not just essential oils people!  Nutrition, weightloss, candida, hair, cleaning, recipes, etc…  I learn SO MUCH in every session.   Watch as many as possible live and be entered to win HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS IN PRIZES!!  Catch those you miss on recording later.  It is AMAZING!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE all the education! Now for the most awesome part–  I have some free tickets available for Sidetracked Sarah readers! These tickets have a $200 value!  And you can have this awesome education for FREE!!!  If something is tugging at you and this may help you find some answers you’ve been looking for, please contact me and let me share this amazing gift with you!

Also check out our Essential Oil Internship  (If you want to jump right in to learn about essential oils and have them in your home!)

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Please join us soon for part 5 – the final segment of our wellness education series to learn how you can have access to amazing amounts of support and education as you live a life of wellness.