How to Save Big Money on Fresh Produce

How to Save Big Money on Fresh Produce


We have a large family with 7 awesome and ornery kids.  They eat A LOT!  Because of this, we always like to keep fresh produce in the house.  Of course, with me trying to lose weight, this is a good thing for me, too.


In our town, we have one mostly overpriced, small grocery store and we have Walmart.  I do a lot of my daily shopping needs at Walmart, but we try to stock up at Aldi and Sam’s once a month in a larger city.  One of my favorite reasons to go to Aldi is because of the amazing prices on fresh produce that they have.  Their sales alternate from week to week, but we eat oranges like crazy in the winter months, thanks to Aldi sales.


I had heard that you could price match Aldi prices at Walmart, but I never realized that applied to me, since I didn’t have an Aldi in my town.  I learned though, that your Aldi can be as many as 45 miles away and Walmart will still price match (some stores may vary from this).  It took me a while to get up the guts to do it, but finally, I brought in my phone with the Aldi ad loaded onto it and showed them my ad, and they quickly changed the prices for me as they rung me up.


The first week, I tried this, I bought some mushrooms for 99 cents, and 10 avocados for 29 cents a piece!  What’s nice about this is that Aldi avocados tend to be really small, but these from Walmart were really big!


This week, I was able to buy the following:


Walmart Produce - 2


5 – 4 lb bags of navel oranges – $1.88 per bag  (normally $3.88 at Walmart)
4 – 1 lb bags of baby carrots – $.69 per bag  (normally $1.78 at Walmart)
2 – containers of grape tomatoes – $0.99 each (normally $2 at Walmart)


I spent around $14 for a little more than 25 pounds of fresh produce!  Now that’s a steal!


If you have an Aldi in your town, I’d be sure to shop there first if I can, since they are so kind to offer such amazing deals, but….if you don’t, and know you wouldn’t make it otherwise, this is an awesome option!  The sales change every Wednesday, so be sure to get to the store each week by Tuesday evening.


I love not stressing about the amount of money I’m spending on fresh produce.  I also love getting a great deal.


What about you?  Have you tried this before?  How do you save money on fresh produce?


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Save Money on Produce

5 Amazing Ideas to Help You Organize Under Your Kitchen Sink

Once upon a time, there was a girl, “happily” doing her dishes, when she noticed a puddle on her floor at her feet.  “Oh no”, she exclaimed, “Where is all that water coming from?”  The water, was coming from under the sink.  The pipes had come apart, allowing water to escape and drip onto the cabinet below.  That girl was me and this has happened to me several times over the past few years.  In addition to a problem with leaky pipes (that we believe is finally fixed once and for all), under the sink is also one of the places in the house that the mice seem to congregate.  We are surrounded on 3 sides with farmer’s fields and any time the farmer does anything out in those fields, the mice come running straight for our house.


Because of the problems we’ve had under our kitchen sinks, I’ve learned to cut back on the clutter that I keep down there.  That doesn’t mean that I still don’t have clutter, it’s just quickly removable and can easily be cleaned if need be.  I used to keep plastic bags and all sorts of stuff down there, now I mostly just keep cleaning supplies, light bulbs and flashlights.


In trying to figure out just how I’m going to redo my space again, I found a lot of really COOL ideas of how to organize under a kitchen sink.


5 Amazing Ideas to Help You Get Your Kitchen Sink Cabinet Organized!

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5 Amazing Kitchen Sink Ideas


1.  Try lining the bottom of your cabinet with a piece of laminate or sticky tiles.

That way if the sink leaks, it will not be sitting on wood.  If you choose a light color, you will be able to see if a mouse has been down there pretty easily, too.  Laminate tiles wipe clean very easily and will help you to keep your space clean!


2.  Use Sliding Baskets or Drawers.

By installing a sliding basket, you’ll have easier access to what is under your sink because it will pull out easily.  You could try something like this Rubbermaid basket:

Rubbermade slide basket


or this cute 2 tier sliding basket:


2 Tier Sliding Basket



3.  Use Stacking Drawers

This will help you to utilize your space so much more and will keep everything that you store in them protected.  Be sure to measure your space and maximize the amount of drawer space you can get under there.

stacking drawers




4.  Utilize the Door for Storage

You can attach baskets, door organizers or metal containers.  Either way, you will enjoy having the space to store the things you grab for the most often.


Door Caddy




Door Rack



5.  Use Under Shelf Baskets

I ilke this idea for utilizing all of your space.  This would require you to install a board for these shelves to hang from, as it will not be able to hang from your kitchen sink.  :)  Here’s what it could look like, complements of Crafts Alamode.  (You should check out her whole post of what she did under her sink, it’s amazing!)


Shelves under Sink


You can buy the shelves at Amazon that look like this:

Under Shelf Basket



Which of these options appeals the most to you?


Have you been following me in this get organized series?  Did you know that I often pin my inspiration photos on Pinterest?  One great board right now to follow is my Kitchen Organizing Tips.  I’d love it if you’d follow me there (and pin this post!)


5 Amazing Ideas for Organizing Under Your Sink!  -




We’re going to be going through our kitchen junk drawer(s).  Do you have a great way that you keep your junk drawer organized?  Or does it explode all over the place every time you open it?    What do you keep in your junk drawer?  I’m looking for advice to share with others….and would love to include yours!   Please share here with me, email me or share with me on Facebook, so I can share your ideas.  Pictures are always appreciated, too!

Also, if you want to see what you’ve missed and what’s coming, just go here:  52 Week Organized Home Challenge.

Will you join me in this 52 Week Organized Home Challenge?

My Plan of Action – Using Skinny Gut Shakes

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Renew Life Formulas for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

My Plan for Success Using Skinny Gut Shakes


Last week, I told you about how I was planning to start using the Renew Life Skinny Gut Ultimate Shakes  to help me to lose weight*.  Today, I wanted to tell you my plan of exactly HOW I plan to use them.


I received 2 flavors in the mail:

Renew Life Skinny Gut Chocolate Shake


Renew Life Skinny Gut Vanilla Shake



I’ve had the chance to try them out, plain, with nothing but liquid added to it.  On the directions of each bottle, it says to add one scoop of shake mix with 10 oz of water or other liquid.  I decided to go with almond milk, as a lot of the smoothie recipes that are attached to the package call for almond milk.


First, I tried the chocolate.  I really didn’t know what to expect.  I’ve had chocolate shake mixes that didn’t taste very chocolatey at all….so much so that I had to add another scoop of cocoa to it.  Not Skinny Gut shakes.  The chocolate tastes great!  It’s not chalky, nor is it too bitter.  It’s the perfect blend of sweetness and chocolate.  I love it!


2nd, I tried the vanilla shake.  While I prefer chocolate because I’m a chocolate lover, it was equally as good of a product in taste and I have nothing negative to say about it all.  It tasted great!   I love how each shake mix does not leave an aftertaste or funky feeling in my mouth.  It is smooth and pleasing to my taste buds!  Definitely a win for Renew Life Skinny Gut Ultimate Shakes!


How I Plan to Use the Renew Life Skinny Gut Shakes:


It’s no secret that I really, really struggle with eating healthy foods consistently.  Using these shakes is one way that I will be able to make better decisions regarding food.  If I only have one meal a day to think about food with, my calorie intake will be lower and my overall health will be better.


I plan to:

  • Drink a shake for breakfast 5-7x a week
  • Drink a shake for lunch 5-7x per week
  • Make them as a smoothie on a regular basis, changing up the flavors for variety.
  • Plan good snacks each day so that I still feel like I’ve had something to chew on and so I’m not tempted to cheat during the hard times.
  • Eat a sensible dinner, that is low in carbs and sugar and high in protein and fiber.
  • Exercise daily, building muscle that will eat my fat away.
  • Reduce sugar consumption all together.


Scale with Sticky Note


I have a goal of losing 75 pounds.  It can be scary thinking about such a large number, but ultimately, I plan to take it little by little, 10 pounds at a time.  I started making changes on January 10th and I’m already down 7 pounds and several inches!  I’m looking forward to seeing what making even more changes can do for my body.  Because the shakes are good at curbing appetite and cravings, I have a feeling my success will begin to gain momentum soon.*


See how others are using Skinny Gut Shakes!  Use hashtag #SkinnyGutShake on Facebook and Twitter.  If you’re also on a weight loss journey, join me in my new weight loss group on Facebook:  Sidetracked by Weight Loss.


*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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