Overwhelmed by Motherhood

Have you ever felt overwhelmed with everything you have to do in order to take care of your family?  The feeding, cleaning, schooling, shopping and just being mentally available to them can be taxing.  Well, friends, that is the place I’m in right now.

Yes, I have a new baby, she’s 6 weeks old, and obviously that is enough by itself.  It takes time to adjust, to get your hormones back on track and to just figure out a schedule that works after having a baby.  I get that.  It’s no surprise.  But, throw in 5 sick kids where one or more of them is up multiple times a night coughing and throwing up for 2 weeks+, now that’s where my struggling comes in!

I have good days and bad days.  Optimistic days and pessimistic days.  Weepy days and happy days.  But, above all, when my strength seems to wain, I just have to take a step back, take a deep breath and realize this too shall pass.  And pray.  Pray that God will give me the strength to endure another day of this sickness.  Pray that my children will get better quickly.  Pray that my husband and I will have patience and kindness flowing out of us, because we don’t feel that way most of the time.

So…if you find that I’m MIA here on Sidetracked Sarah, it’s not because I’m gone forever, it’s just because I’ve been sidetracked by life!  My family comes first, as I know yours would, too!  Please pray for a speedy recovery for our family!!

I hope to be back in full force soon, but until then, you’ll be seeing a set of very random blog posts from me.

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Valentine’s Day Crafts & Activities for Kids

Valentine’s Day is coming right up. Are you ready? My girls have been busily preparing their Valentine’s Day boxes that they will be collecting their Valentines in at our annual Homeschool Valentine’s Day party.  They came up with some cute ideas!  Today, I’m going to share with you 10 very special Valentine’s Day activities and crafts you can do with your kids!  They all look super cute, and super fun!

10 Valentine's Day Crafts You Can Do With Your Children


1.  Valentine’s Day Cutting Practice Activities

Don’t forget about the little ones and how much they like to be involved in crafty projects!  Here’s some crafts, just for them!

Valentine's Day Cutting Practice Activities for Kids with Cutting Paste and Punch from Lalymom



2.  Norwegian Heart Baskets

These little baskets are so cute.  You could put Valentine’s inside of it, or you could make this be your actual Valentine.

Norwegian Heart Basket FREEbie


3.  Valentine’s Day Fun Pack

In this pack you will find Bible verse copywork, list making pages, Valentines Day cards to hand out, Coloring Pages, and more!
Valentines Day Fun Pack FREEBIE


4.  Valentine’s Day Heart Wreaths

I love this wreath!  Don’t you think it’s super cute?  She has some other varieties of ways you can make the wreath as well, just click on over to Craft Ala Mode.




5.  Bouquet of Love

This craft is perfect for toddlers!


6.  Valentine’s Day Tissue Paper Flowers

So many cute things you can do with these tissue paper flowers!


7.  Free Scripture Valentine’s Printables

It can be really hard to find Christian Valentine’s, so I was excited to see this cute printables!

7 Free Scripture Valentine's Printables


8.  Fortune Cookie Eraser Valentines

These are awesome, because they’re candy free!  Whoohoo!  So cute, too!

Fortune Cookie Eraser Valentines | @mamamissblog #candyfree #freeprintable #handmadeholiday

9.  Valentine’s Day Hand Hearts

This is so simple to do, but it turns out so cute, too!  Love it!  Would be a great Valentine for grandparents.



10.  Toilet Paper Roll Valentine’s Heart Wreath

What a great way to use up all of those toilet paper rolls!

toilet paper heart


Come back tomorrow and I’ll share some amazing Valentine’s Day recipes!

Snowman Potato Printing – Kids Craft

Unfortunately, December flew by for us this year.  Right as Christmas was flying by, my kids said, “Why didn’t we do any Christmas crafts this year?”  The only answer I could think of was that I didn’t really feel like it, but that’s hard to tell to your kids.  I’m pregnant, so everything extra to do is effort.  Instead, I quickly turned my answer around and said, I don’t know, but we’re going to do some winter crafts!  So..we began our winter crafts with Snowmen!

These snowmen were a lot of fun to make.  You cut a potato in half and use it as your stamp.  It’s funny how something so simple can please the kids so much!  (Hint:  cut your potato as flat as possible, or you’ll have a bumpy looking snowman).

Snowman Potato Stamping



Potato Stamped Snowman

White Paint
Construction Paper
Twigs (or Construction paper) for arms
Potato cut in half
Black paper for buttons, eyes & mouth, cut into circles
Orange paper for nose
Clear or White glitter to embellish (optional)


  1. Cut your potato in half.
  2. Dip it into white paint
  3. Let the kids make 3 balls for the snowman out of it.
  4. Use 9 black dots to embellish the snow man.  2 for the eyes, 3 for the mouth and 4 buttons going down.
  5. Use an orange triangle for the nose.
  6. Glue twigs down for the arms.
  7. My kids wanted a top hat, so we cut one of those out of the black paper at the last minute.
  8. They wanted to complete their pictures with snow on the ground and snow falling out of the sky, so I gave them that freedom as you’ll see in the photos below.
  9. Be sure to sprinkle with clear or white glitter, to make your snow glisten.

Potato Stamped Snowman Potato Stamped Snowman Potato Stamped Snowman

4 year old’s finished project.

Potato Stamped Snowman

8 year old’s finished project.

Potato Stamped Snowman

11 year old’s finished project

Potato Stamped Snowman