Breakfast Stations: The Easy Way for Your Kids to Get Breakfast

DIY Breakfast station...making life easy for mom and healthy for the kids. 60+ days of self-serve br

Getting breakfast on the table can be such a challenge!  My friend Kim from Not Consumed has created a great way to help you get your kids fed in the morning.  The easy way!  You know me, I’m all about doing things as easily as possible!

She creates packs of food, either in the fridge or in the cabinet, that are single serving that her kids can grab for themselves.  This is perfect for kids who are going to school or even those of us who keep our kids at home.  It’s just another way to help us in our jobs as busy moms!

Kim has included all of her recipes and printable kid friendly instructions in one easy to download pack and today they’re on sale!  The instructions walk the kids through how to prepare that food.  The price on the combo pack (breakfast stations 1 and breakfast stations 2) is going up every hour today, so be sure to go and grab your set as soon as you can, to get the lowest price.  If you miss the sale, don’t worry, it’ll still be worth it!  Just click here to read even more about it.

Freezer to Slow Cooker Week 4 Printable AVAILABLE NOW!

Crockpot Freezer Meals are hopping here on Sidetracked Sarah!  Over 15,000 people have subscribed by email to Sidetracked Sarah, most of whom arrived because they wanted to get their hands on a free printable menu!  That’s more people than my whole town has in it!  With going back to school season being upon us, everyone is getting organized and into new routines again.  Using the crockpot is a great way to get a handle on meal time, making life so much smoother!

Because you asked me to, I have been converting my menus into printable menus that you can purchase.  It’s taking me FOREVER, but they’re getting done slowly but surely.  Today, I’m releasing Week 4 of the printable menus!   If you love the Crockpot Freezer Meals but want an easier way to print them, this is your chance.  For just $2.99, you can have that week’s menu in a PDF file.  This way you can have it printed out on your counter while you’re cooking and not leaning over a tablet, phone or computer!

Freezer to Slow Cooker - Week 4 Cover

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How to Make Yogurt in Your Slow Cooker

Today’s post is a guest post written by a good friend of mine.  She literally lives a mile down the road from me, so we’re practically neighbors out here in Rural Kansas.  Please welcome Emmaleee.  If you’d like to read more about her and her family, please visit her site, The Hoggatt Homeschool.


How to Make Crockpot Yogurt


In addition to homeschooling we also have a small farm (Triple – A – Farm). And on that farm we have some dairy goats…EEE II EEE II OO! haha So we get lots of fresh milk. After a while you start running out of room for said milk and get creative. Hence this recipe for Crockpot Yogurt!

Post Drafts

Triple-A-Farm Dairy Goats

Ingredients Needed:

1/2 gallon of milk, either cow or goat

1 pkg of jello, in favorite flavor (*see alternative below)

1/2 c. Yogurt starter , like Dannon plain yogurt or you can also purchase starters at ( we like the non-dairy because we have family with an allergy to cow milk.)


How To…

In blender, mix starter and milk. Pour into crockpot and turn to warm setting. If you don’t have the warm setting just use low but watch closely to avoid scorching milk.

After milk is heated to around 110 degrees mix in jello WELL!


Turn off crockpot and wrap with heavy towel to keep warm or pour into containers and place in a cooler of very hot water. Let set for 6-8 hrs. Then you will have yogurt!

Please Note:  Homemade yogurt is not as thick as store bought yogurt.



* Instead of using Jello you may also add in honey and vanilla extract. If doing this add in 1/4 to 1/2 extra starter to set.


Emmalee Hoggatt - Copy
:  Emmalee is a mother of three beautiful girls. She also works full time operating a childcare from her home. She and her family live in rural Kansas and enjoy the country life on their growing “Triple-A-Farm.” She enjoys the outdoors, being in the kitchen and diving into God’s word. Emmalee also has a passion for children and family kingdom ministries. She blogs at, where she shares a hodgepodge of recipes, craft ideas, homeschooling tips, resources and devotions.