How to Make Minion Easter Eggs

We love Easter Egg Hunts with our family and we also love the movie Despicable Me and find the Minions quite amusing!  We decided that making Minion Easter Eggs would be an awesome idea!  They’re easier than you could imagine.  My kids are begging for us to use these eggs as the “special” eggs (as in more valuable).  I’m thinking we will.  It’s funny how a yellow and blue mismatched Easter egg gets them all giddy!

How to Make Minion Easter Eggs -


What You Need

  • Blue and Yellow plastic Easter eggs.
  • Black Permanent Marker


  1. Put one side blue and one size yellow eggs together.
  2. Draw Eyes, mouth and hair to match some of the minions you’ve seen.

How to Make Minion Easter Eggs -

These are very simple.  Another blogger was able to use electric tape to make the straps to the glasses a little straighter lines that what we were able to accomplish by going at it freehand.  Also, google eyes make them look even more professional.

How to Make Minion Easter Eggs -

I Finally Got a Smart Phone with Walmart’s Lowest Priced Unlimited Plans

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Walmart Family Mobile - I Finally Got a Smart Phone!

I know that I’ve told you before on Facebook, but in case you missed it, I’ve been living in the “dinosaur age”!  I was one of the very few people I know who did not have a smart phone!  I know that sounds insane to some of you.  Yes, I did have a cell phone, but I didn’t even have a texting plan, so all my friends would be texting me, and I’d never text them back because every text I sent would add money owed to my bill.  I once went into a cell phone/computer repair store and the man working there did not even know that they still made flip phones, until I flipped mine out, lol.  So…now is the time to do a little upgrade with Walmart’s lowest priced unlimited plans!

Walmart Family Mobile is Affordable

Walmart Family Mobile

I’ve been eyeing Walmart Family Mobile Plans for a while.  They seems so affordable at $39.99 per month for Unlimited Talk, Text and Data/Web.  If I decide I don’t want the data part of the plan, it’s only $29.99 per month for unlimited talk and text.    You do have to buy a phone to go with it.  I think the price of the phone has always been the main thing to hold me back.  I wasn’t sure I wanted to actually buy a phone.  Then, when I got to looking at them, I realized they were way more affordable than I had originally thought.  Plus, it’s tax return season (for some of us anyway), it’s time to splurge a little, right?  I didn’t have to splurge too much though.  I ended up with the Samsung Galaxy Exhibit for $99.99.

My Accessories

Accessories for Samsung Galaxy Exhibit

I decided to purchase a few accessories along with my phone.  I love listening to podcasts while I’m doing the dishes or driving down the road, so I decided to get myself  a Bluetooth Speaker.  Along with that, I also got a car charger and some earbuds (I’m serious about listening to podcasts, lol).

How I’ll Use My New Phone

Walmart Family Mobile Cell Phone

As a blogger, there are many times when I’m out and about that I really NEED to check my email or Facebook.  If it was likely that I would need to do that before I returned home, I would bring my tablet along with me and pull over to a McDonalds or a motel and do what I needed to do while I was out, utilizing their free WiFi.  I won’t have to do that any longer (Yay!).  I’m hoping to be able to use it while waiting for appointments at doctor’s offices and just be able to use my down time when I’m out and about and nobody needs me for anything.

I do have a pet peeve though.  When people choose to interact with their phones more than they choose to interact with other people, it drives me crazy.  My goal will be to not make that phone and what I have access to within it #1 when I’m with others.  I want each person I’m spending time with around me to feel just as important as I like to feel.   If it’s possible to engage in conversation with those around me, my priority will be to do just that.

So far, I LOVE my new phone.  (and I keep finding my kids trying to steal it to fill it up with photos, lol!)

WFM - KIDS Keep Stealing Cell Phone

It’s taking a bit to get used to the touch screen (as I’m used to the dinosaur flip phone), but….I can see that it’ll get easier as time goes on.  I’m working on finding a bunch of great apps and loading all of my contacts in.  Before I know it I’ll be  proficient at this Smart Phone business.  :)  It’s great to be among the rest of you!  :)

For  more information on Walmart Family Mobile, be sure to visit their website!

A Hello Kitty Birthday Party + a Bakery Crafts Cake Giveaway!

This post brought to you by Bakery Crafts. All opinions are 100% mine.

Avery, my younget daughter, turned 5 this week!  How can she be this old already?

We gave her the option to have a friend party or a family party this year.  Since I’m nearly 37 weeks pregnant, I was pleased when she decided on a family birthday party.  Having 8 people in our family and 2 sets of grandparents living nearby, we’re a big party all by ourselves.  Even so, because I’m so far along in my pregnancy, I was not about to attempt to make her cake this year.  Being on my feet for any amount of time this late into pregnancy really makes my back ache.  Any time I can delegate that work to the store, I’m all for it!  (Not to mention, I’m not very good at decorating cakes!)

If you’ve ever ordered a cake from a grocery store or Walmart bakery, you’ve probably already been introduced to Bakery Crafts.  They have so many different Cake Kits to choose from!  She decided on a Hello Kitty birthday party.

We headed out to our local Walmart Bakery and placed an order for her cake, ready to be picked up on her birthday.  While I was there, we added in some cute Hello Kitty birthday plates, a pink tablecloth and some streamers.  Nothing says birthday quite like streamers, you know!

On her birthday, I went to pick up the finished cake.  It was so easy to just grab and go.  I was so impressed with how it looked, too!  It was perfect!


I love the vibrant colors  I also love the grass.  It looks so real!  Avery loved that there were rings and a toy that she could play with!


We chose the Marble Cake, so we could get a taste of white cake AND chocolate cake.  Sometimes it’s hard to decide, isn’t it?  But, MMMM, doesn’t it look good?  (Believe me, it was!  As my 2 year old said, “It’s delicious!”)

Of course, getting to blow out the candles is half of the fun!


On each child’s birthday, we generally let them take the day off of housework and school (we homeschool).  On this particular day, she decided to have her sister dress her like a princess (thus the dress and crown of hearts in the top picture). Of course, getting loved on by your siblings and parents makes the day that much more special!

We are so blessed to have Avery in our lives!  I can’t imagine life without her entertaining antics, bossy attitude and loving hugs and laughter.


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