How to Save Big Money on Fresh Produce

How to Save Big Money on Fresh Produce


We have a large family with 7 awesome and ornery kids.  They eat A LOT!  Because of this, we always like to keep fresh produce in the house.  Of course, with me trying to lose weight, this is a good thing for me, too.


In our town, we have one mostly overpriced, small grocery store and we have Walmart.  I do a lot of my daily shopping needs at Walmart, but we try to stock up at Aldi and Sam’s once a month in a larger city.  One of my favorite reasons to go to Aldi is because of the amazing prices on fresh produce that they have.  Their sales alternate from week to week, but we eat oranges like crazy in the winter months, thanks to Aldi sales.


I had heard that you could price match Aldi prices at Walmart, but I never realized that applied to me, since I didn’t have an Aldi in my town.  I learned though, that your Aldi can be as many as 45 miles away and Walmart will still price match (some stores may vary from this).  It took me a while to get up the guts to do it, but finally, I brought in my phone with the Aldi ad loaded onto it and showed them my ad, and they quickly changed the prices for me as they rung me up.


The first week, I tried this, I bought some mushrooms for 99 cents, and 10 avocados for 29 cents a piece!  What’s nice about this is that Aldi avocados tend to be really small, but these from Walmart were really big!


This week, I was able to buy the following:


Walmart Produce - 2


5 – 4 lb bags of navel oranges – $1.88 per bag  (normally $3.88 at Walmart)
4 – 1 lb bags of baby carrots – $.69 per bag  (normally $1.78 at Walmart)
2 – containers of grape tomatoes – $0.99 each (normally $2 at Walmart)


I spent around $14 for a little more than 25 pounds of fresh produce!  Now that’s a steal!


If you have an Aldi in your town, I’d be sure to shop there first if I can, since they are so kind to offer such amazing deals, but….if you don’t, and know you wouldn’t make it otherwise, this is an awesome option!  The sales change every Wednesday, so be sure to get to the store each week by Tuesday evening.


I love not stressing about the amount of money I’m spending on fresh produce.  I also love getting a great deal.


What about you?  Have you tried this before?  How do you save money on fresh produce?


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Save Money on Produce

5 Reasons to File Your Income Taxes Online (For Free!)



It’s tax season here in the United States.  Have you gotten started on your taxes yet?  You only have until April 15th.   While that seems like it’s a long time period away, I’m always amazed at just how fast it sneaks up on me each year.  I’ve been filing my taxes online for many years and let me tell you, if you haven’t started doing your returns online yet, you really should give it a try.   Let me tell you why….



5 Reasons to File Taxes Online!



It’s Easy!


I realize that not every aspect of filing taxes is always easy, because there’s a lot to know about taxes, but using an online program like TurboTax makes it so much easier!  So easy in fact, that in most cases, you don’t have to have a special person doing your taxes for you.  TurboTax will literally walk you through every step, asking you questions as you go, and depending on the answers you give, it will know what forms you are to file.  And, it will fill out those forms in the process of answering all of the questions.  It’s amazing really!  TurboTax believes that you don’t have to be an expert to do your taxes, and I completely agree.  If I were an expert, there’s no way I would be able to do this all by myself, year after year after year.


It’s Fast!


Not only will you get your tax forms submitted faster, you will get your refund back quicker because you don’t have to wait for a paper check.  In the past, we have literally gotten our refunds back between 1 and 3 weeks from the date that we filed.  We love that feature!


It’s Educational!


I’m a firm believer in knowing why you do what you do.  By doing your own taxes, you have a better understanding of why you need to keep certain receipts, track mileage and report accurately every aspect of income and expenses  that you need to report.  TurboTax has great educational information within their site, so any time you have a question, you can search the Help topics and they will help you find the answers you’re looking for.  Nobody knows you better than you, so who is better to file your taxes?

You Stay in Control!


When you learn to file your taxes online with TurboTax, you stay in control of the whole situation.  You choose when you do your taxes and when to file them.  Being in control is empowering!


It’s Cheap and for Many People, It’s Free using TurboTax Absolute Zero!


TurboTax Absolute Zero


If you are one of the 60 million hard working Americans who file a simple tax return using form 1040A or 1040EZ, TurboTax is offering you a much needed break!  For the first time ever, Americans can file both their federal 1040A or 1040EZ returns, as well as their state returns for Absolute Zero, with TurboTax Federal Free Edition.  You pay nothing!  $0 Fed.  $0 State.  $0 to file!  TurboTax is the only program out there that is free to file both State and Federal.  A definite, win-win situation!


TurboTax Absolute Zero Program


If you have yet to file your taxes, I highly encourage you to try out this amazing, free way to do your taxes.  It simplifies your life and just think, you could have them done today!  I just filed mine yesterday and I’m so glad that they’re finished way before April 15th!


What about you?  Have you done your taxes yet?



I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.


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5 Reasons to File Your Taxes Online!

Save Money: Learn How to Fix Things in Your Home

Save Money:  Learn How to Fix Things in Your Home -

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I’ve always had an entrepreneur’s heart!  I remember back when I was still dating Ryan, he was living in an older home with paneling on the walls.  I grew up watching my dad fix up our old 100 year old home, and he made it look easy.  I remember listening to Ryan about the paneling and I chimed in with, “why don’t we sheet rock it, it’s not that hard”.  Ha.


Imagine a barely 20 year old boy, who has never done much of any kind of home repair being told this.  By his girlfriend.  You know, the one who he’s always wanting to impress?  Guess what I got to help him do?  You guessed it, sheet rock (aka drywall) the walls.


We’ve lived in a lot of different homes since we got married over 18 years ago.  When we buy a home, we buy it for a  low price and fix it up ourselves.  We’ve vastly improved the conditions of our homes.  I’ve been pregnant, barefoot (ha, just kidding), and repairing homes for years.  (Of course, I’ve been pregnant almost 6 full years of my life…so that makes sense, right?)  My husband and I have learned so much about fixing homes.  We’re not always the best at what we do, but chances are, we know the basics of how to do it.


7 Ways to Learn How to Fix Up a Home

  • Books – We have a few different home repair books sitting on our shelves.  If we have trouble knowing how to do something, we look it up in the book.  We have this book:
  • The Internet – Have you ever noticed that someone else has almost always had the same problem you’re having?  Just do a general search for that question and sure enough, someone has written about it!  You don’t always find an answer in this way, but a lot of times you do.
  • You Tube – I know this is part of the internet, but I figured it needs it’s own blurb.  Because seeing how to fix something is so much better than just reading about it.  There are many videos on home repair on YouTube.  Don’t under estimate.
  • Ask a Professional – Many of us have friends and/or grandpa’s who know a little something about home repair.  When in doubt, seek out someone who has done it before.  Explain to them that you are trying to learn how to do it and see if they can explain it to you.
  • Assist a Professional - When my husband isn’t sure how to fix something or knows he’ll need support that I can’t offer (as a female in charge of little kids), he’ll ask a friend of ours (who is also a contractor) if he can pay him to help.  The friend is getting paid, but it is usually well worth it, as he’s always very knowledgeable about the home repair.  He knows the fastest and best ways to get the job done without it looking like a little kid fixed it.
  • Watch HGTV – Yes, seriously, lol.  Of course, if you need to know right now, that won’t work, but if you would just like a general education, this is the channel for you!  I don’t tend to be a TV watcher, but while we’re on vacation, when I want to lay around, I’ll watch HGTV for the fun of it.  I learn so many bits of helpful home fixing information while I do.
  • Trial and Error – Believe me, this is not always the best way, but sometimes we learn by trying.  If the new product comes with directions, we read them (or I do anyway, lol) and we follow them to the best of our knowledge.  You’d be amazed at how much you can learn, just by trying it out on your own.


These are the steps we go through when we begin a renovation.  Do we fix everything in a home?  No, definitely not.  In fact, as we’re getting older and busier, we’re having to teach ourselves to hire some of it done.  It’s so hard to do that, lol, but so freeing at the same time!


Some of the repairs we’ve done to homes include, replacing windows and doors, laying ceramic tile, laying peel and stick tile, replacing counter tops, replacing window and door trim, ceiling fans, light fixtures and plumbing, etc.


Tell me about some of the home repairs you’ve learned to do?