Crockpot Philly Cheese Chicken Salad or Wrap (Low Carb)

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Now, it’s time for the recipe!


Philly Cheese Chicken Salad or Wrap


I ran across a recipe similar to this one, while looking for low carb foods.  I am attempting to shut down the carbs in my diet a little more and I’m beginning to implement low carb dinners first, just to get in the habit of it.  I happen to love almost anything with cooked green peppers and this recipe is chock full of them.


You know how I always talk about how my recipes are a win depending on how my husband responds to them?  I’m sorry to do that yet again, but… oh man!  He was funny!  At first, he thought it was Mexican food and when he found out that we didn’t have sour cream, he didn’t think he wanted to eat.  It wasn’t a rude thing.  He’s been having a bit of a food struggle (as in nothing sounds good) lately and since I’m constantly trying new foods out on him, I don’t mind if he chooses not to eat something.  It’s an understanding we have.  The problem was, he was hungry.  Nothing sounded good.  And I was obviously enjoying my food very much.


He finally came around and decided to try the meat mixture on a wrap…after he realized it wasn’t Mexican food.  He melted mozzarella cheese over it and put Caesar dressing on it.  And wow!  He was hooked.  He was very hungry by this time and exclaimed, “This may be the best thing I’ve ever tasted”.  I don’t know if that’s true or not, lol, but…it always makes me happy when he likes my food.


My kids all said, how this is different than anything they usually eat, but they absolutely love it.  My 13 year old even told me that she was going to make it by herself as much as possible.  So…. major mom/wife scores on this dish!  And guess what?  It’s so super easy!  The hardest thing you have to do is chop your green peppers.  I know.  Hard, right?


Philly Cheese Chicken Salad



Philly Cheese Chicken Recipe for the Slow Cooker

This recipe makes enough for 6 adults


One 3 pound bag of boneless, skinless chicken breasts
3 medium green peppers
4 Tbsp soy sauce
1/2 pound mozzarella cheese
Lettuce (optional)
Low Carb Tortillas or Pita Bread (optional)
Caesar dressing (optional, but amazing! Check carb count if you’re going low carb)



  1. Slice green peppers into strips.
  2. Place bag of chicken into slow cooker.
  3. Pour soy sauce over the top
  4. Add green peppers.  (or if you want your peppers less mushy, add them in at the halfway point)
  5. Cook on low for 7-8 hours or high for 4-5.
  6. When done, serve on low carb tortillas, low carb pita bread or over lettuce.
  7. Top with mozzarella cheese and Caesar dressing.


Freezer to Slow Cooker Instructions

  • Slice Green Peppers
  • Open Bag of Chicken and add green peppers and soy sauce to it.
  • Label & Freeze.
  • On Cooking day, place in slow cooker and cook for 7-8 hours on low or 4-5 on high.  You can thaw bag first, but don’t have to.


Philly Chicken Wrap

Slow Cooker Stuffed Peppers Recipe

I have not had Stuffed Peppers in a long time!  I kept putting off making these, because it wasn’t one of those recipes I could just dump everything in the slow cooker for.  I had to brown the meat first and I also had to cook the rice.  Big deal, right?  Well, for some reason, that makes me procrastinate.  I’ve been planning to make a weekly meal plan again, but keep procrastinating on that, too.


Finally, today, while I have the right kind of meat thawed, it was time.  I was finally going to do this thing.  I got it started and suddenly realized a deadline was heading my way.  I had to meet my husband in town soon…before I had a chance to get it in the slow cooker.  Thank goodness for 15 year old daughters!  They are very capable to help you when you don’t schedule your life right.  She managed to finish what I had started and get it in the slow cooker in time to cook it on high for 5 hours.  Yay Autumn (my daughter)!


As this recipe was cooking, my stomach started growling just smelling it all afternoon.  I wish I could bottle it up and let you smell it through your computer.  Of course, I love cooked peppers, so that is a smell that is very enjoyable to me!  In case you’re wondering, this recipe was a hit with the family!  The 1 year old, 4 year old and husband all liked it, so I think we’re on to something!


Slow Cooker Stuffed Peppers

Slow Cooker Stuffed Peppers



8 large bell peppers (any colors)
2 lbs ground beef, browned, drained and rinsed
1 large onion, chopped
1 cup, cooked brown rice
2 eggs
1/2 cup milk
1 4 oz can tomato sauce
2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp pepper
1 cup mozzarella cheese (for topping)



  1. Cap 8 peppers and clean out the seeds.
  2. Wash them out with cold water and set aside.
  3. Mix together all ingredients (except peppers and cheese) in a bowl.
  4. Stuff each pepper with the beef & rice mixture.
  5. Sprinkle each pepper with mozzarella cheese.
  6. Cook on low for 8 hours or on high for 4-5.

Freezer to Slow Cooker Instructions:

  • Follow instructions 1-5 above.
  • Place in freezer safe bag and freeze until the day you’re ready to cook them.
  • You can cook from frozen, but add an extra hour cooking time.


Slow Cooker Stuffed Peppers REcipe


Slow Cooker Stuffed Peppers Recipe - Pin This

How You Can Build a Blog to Help Pay Your Bills!

A couple of weeks ago, I shared with you about how you can build a blog to make extra income.  When I first got into monetizing my blog, I was doing it for the purpose of trying to make enough money to pay some of our monthly bills and to have some extra spending money.  A friend of mine was making enough money each month to pay her grocery bill and had money left over.  When I learned what she was doing, I was determined to do the same thing!  And guess what?  I was successful!   We have a large family with 9 people in it.  Life is not cheap for us!  I was so excited to learn that you could make money from being online and writing about the things you’re passionate about.   (You can read more of my blogging story here, if you missed it.)


Blogging for Groceries


I remember when I first started my website, I was shocked at how much knowledge you need to have in order to monetize a blog.  It can be downright overwhelming!!  Thankfully, I had a dear friend who was willing to take me by the hand and help me with my questions and decisions along the way.  She was great at challenging me to take action and she answered so many of my questions.  It took me a while to figure out where to go when I didn’t want to bother her, but I finally figured out many places that I could go in order to increase my knowledge.  I crave blogging knowledge.  I’m constantly reading or listening to podcasts all about the subject.


Because I’m always being asked how to make money blogging and there was enough interest from the readers on my site, I’ve decided to proceed with making a 3 month class about how to build and monetize your own website.  If you have ever considered building an income by starting a blog or website, this is the class for you!!  In the class, you will learn so many things!


Blogging for Grocery Money Ecourse


You Will Learn:

  • How to get started building a website in the best way possible, eliminating mistakes and growing as quickly as possible.  (These are the tips that I wish someone had taught me!)
  • How to choose a profitable niche for you.
  • How to know what you should be writing about.
  • How to know the best way to name your blog so that search engines will find it.
  • How to install WordPress on your own hosting account.    
  • How to get your first 500 subscribers.  
  • How to get sponsors to pay you to tell your readers about their products.
  • Where to get sponsors from.
  • How to make money (in detail!)
  • How to build traffic and grow your audience and pageviews.
  • How to track your traffic so you know what’s doing well and what’s not.
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  • How to promote your blog.
  • How to reach your target audience.  
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  • How to know if your interests are too broad for your blog. 
  • How to build a social media following and know how often to post on these platforms.
  • Where to get pictures.
  • How to skip the amateur picture phase and make your blog post pictures look amazing.
  • And More!



Who Should Take this Course?

  • Anyone who is interested in building an income that you can run from anywhere.
  • Students –  (I plan to use this as a homeschool course for my teenage daughter to learn how to make money from blogging.  She desires to be an entrepreneur and I want to dump what is currently residing in my brain into hers, so this is one way that I’ll be able to do that!).
  • Stay at Home Moms –  If you would love to supplement your income, but you don’t want to have to put kids in day care or maybe you’re homeschooling them and have them with you all day, then this is a perfect opportunity for you.  You can write about the things you love and learn how to make money doing it!
  • Working Parents – I know you’re busy, because you’ve been at work all day, but…maybe you don’t like your job?  Maybe you’d prefer to be a stay at home mom, but just can’t afford it.  Start building a blog in your spare time, so eventually you CAN afford to stay home.  Maybe you’re a dad who would like a career change.  You can do this!


If you are looking for a get rich quick answer though, don’t buy this course!  While you can make money within the first several months, it won’t be a lot.  I literally remember making 1 cent a day on my Adsense ads and being excited that at least something was adding up.  It wasn’t much, but it meant the ball was starting to roll.  And believe me, it does start to roll.  I went from making pennies, to dollars to hundreds of dollars each month.  As long as you do the things I teach you, I wouldn’t be surprised if you were making $1,000 to $2,000 within 2 years.  Can I promise that?  No.  It all depends on how hard you work, what your topic is that you’re writing about and how fast you’re able to build your audience.  Every single blogger is different.  We all have different stories.


Generally, you have to take the time to build your audience before you can expect to see significant income.  For me, it was a good 2 years before I made a steady, predictable income.  This was in part because I did not listen to people when they told me what I needed to be doing. It was also partly because I had to build the traffic.  It takes time to compile enough blog posts that Google will use to send traffic your way.  It takes time to build  your subscribers up.  Once you do it though, it’ll be like a snowball rolling down a hill.  It will slowly pick up momentum and you will realize that you have many more possibilities.


How Will the Class Work?

Each week, you will receive 1-2 video lessons covering the topics mentioned above.  You will receive access to the videos in a members only area on my site that will be password protected.  Each week, I will give you an assignment to complete.  You will also be added to a secret Facebook group, where you can feel free to ask questions as we go, making sure that your experience is an individualized one where you can get answers from someone who has been there.


What Will I Need?

  • Domain & Hosting.  You should plan to purchase your own domain name and hosting for your website.  The hosting can be as much as $9.99 per month depending on the company you decide to go with, and would be considered your first business expense.  I can walk you through how to set this up in one of our first class videos.  While you can use a free hosting site, like Blogger, you will have better success monetizing your site and getting Google traffic to it if you have a self-hosted website.  (I started on a free server and had to move over soon after I started…and immediately saw a big difference).
  • A computer with internet access – You need to be able to type easily and watch videos from an internet connection.
  • General computer confidence.  If computers completely overwhelm you, you may need to hire someone to set up your blog.  While I intend to walk you through how to buy a domain name and hosting and also how to install WordPress, I will not be your technical gal to figure out anything that went wrong.  If you’re OK with figuring it out as you go, then you should be golden.  There can be problems along the way, and it will be your responsibility to figure it out.  If I can answer questions about those problems, I’ll be happy to, but I will not be able to log into your website to help you troubleshoot.


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