The Stock Your Freezer Sale!

School is in session and all is going well, right?  Except for this one thing.  Meal time is always chaotic!  I know you love the idea of crockpot freezer meals, but what about a new idea to help you with breakfast and lunch, too?  What if I told you that you could prep your breakfasts and lunches in advance?  My friend Kim of Not Consumed and I have joined forces and decided to create an epic and amazing sale for you!  We are selling her breakfast and lunch stations packs and I’m selling Weeks 1-4 of my Crockpot Freezer Meals, plus the $250 Walmart Crockpot Freezer Meal plan.  You buy them all together in a combo pack!  To buy all of this separately, you would be spending $32.91, but today for this limited time sale, you’ll get them all for $15!

Great deal!


Every mom struggles to get food on the table. Whether it's breakfast, lunch, or dinner...we've got you covered with this fantastic freezer meal sale. Don't wait. Ends  10/27


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Only $15!


Every mom struggles to get food on the table. Whether it's breakfast, lunch, or dinner...we've got you covered with this fantastic freezer meal sale. Don't wait. Ends  10/27


Breakfast Station Combo Set ($7.98 value)

This set includes all 12 recipes (from packs 1 & 2), labels, and printable menus. Combine the 2 shopping lists and you can make 380+ DIY breakfasts for your family! Just think of all the money you are saving!

Lunch Station Combo Set ($7.98 value)

The idea is simple. Cook once, eat lunch for 2-4 months! This combo set includes all 10 freezer lunch recipes, a complete shopping list, labels, and display menus. Enjoy 280+ easy lunches for your family.

Freezer to Slow Cooker Combo Set ($11.96 value)

You get 4 weeks of dinner meals that can go straight from your freezer to the slow cooker. That’s 24 nights where you don’t have to plan, prep, or cook dinner. The menu is made for you, the shopping list complete. All you have to do is run to the grocery store and put the bags together one afternoon by following the step by step assembly instructions. Dinner done.

PLUS, you get my $250 Walmart One Month Crockpot Freezer Meals Pack! ($4.99 value)

That’s 3-4 months worth of breakfast, 2-3 months worth of lunch, and 2 whole months worth of dinner, all for less than 50% of its retail price! I think it’s safe to say that this sale is epic. I know you will want to grab your copy of this amazing bundle, but don’t wait! The sale ends Monday at 11:59 p.m. CT, Oct. 27th!


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Only $15!


Stock Your Freezer Sale

3 Hours + $250 for a Month of Crockpot Freezer Meals

$250 Walmart Menu Graphic

This past week, I had a new article go live on the All You Magazine’s blog.  It highlights how I was able to make 24 crockpot freezer meals in 3 hours from Walmart.  On the post, I share the 12 recipes I used to spend only $250 on the 24 crockpot dinners.  Of course, if you have some of these items in your pantry, then you’ll be able to spend even less.

To view this post, go here:

How to Make a Month’s Worth of Dinners in Just 3 Hours!

Of course, i’m offering the shopping list, recipes and assembly instructions in a printable ebook that is for sale, too…so if you want to just see that, you can go purchase it for $4.99, right here on my site by clicking here.


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Freezer to Slow Cooker, Week 5 Printable Menu is Now Available!

Crockpot Freezer Meals are hot, hot, hot!  If I had to guess, you got signed up for my email list because of them.  Am I right?  There are 17,000 email subscribers here on Sidetracked Sarah and I’m so happy that these meals have been helping you to save time in the kitchen.

Because you asked me to, I have been converting my menus into printable menus that you can purchase.  It’s taking me FOREVER, but they’re getting done slowly but surely.  Today, I’m releasing Week 5 of the printable menus!   If you love the Crockpot Freezer Meals but want an easier way to print them, this is your chance.  For just $2.99, you can have that week’s menu in a PDF file.  That way you can have it printed out on your counter while you’re cooking and not leaning over a tablet, phone or computer!

Freezer to Slow Cooker Week 5

In this very special cookbook, you’ll find:

  • Photos of the recipes
  • 6 recipes
  • Shopping list
  • Assembly instructions
  • Labels for your freezer bags

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The following recipes will be included:

  • Shepherd’s Pie

  • Mexican Beef Wraps

  • Beef & Veggie Soup

  • Crockpot Lasagna

  • Salsa Chicken

  • One Pot Italian Chicken Meal


 Freezer to Slow Cooker, Week 5 Printable Menu on

Many others have said what an amazing difference these meal plans have made in their lives!  Just the fact that you can prepare all your dinners for the week in an hour or two is amazing!  You’ll save so much time, the $3 you’ll spend is more than worth it!  Many people have shared how much their grocery bill goes down, too.  In fact, on Saturday, I was able to pull together a whole month of meals (that’s 24!) for $250 from Walmart, using no coupons and only 3 hours of assembly time.  I’ll be sharing that with you soon, too.

So what are you waiting for?  Buy it today!


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If you’re also interested in the other printable menus, you can go here:

Week 1

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Week 4

Week 8

and if you’d like an absolutely free one, just subscribe by email and one will be emailed to you immediately!