Now Entering the 3rd Trimester


Pregnancy Update - Sidetracked Sarah

Wow, 3rd trimester?  Was that fast or what?  I’ve got mixed feelings.  On one hand it’s flying by, but on the other hand, it feels like it’s taking forever for March to get here.  It’s funny how our brains work!

Honestly, the fact that I’m going to have another little baby relying on me in 3 months is a little bit frightful.  But even more scary?  The birth.  I think the fact that my last birth ended in a C-section has me a little bit more nervous about birth than I ever was in the past.

In all actuality, I feel a form of this with every pregnancy.  I remember when I was pregnant with #2, I had the feelings of sheer guilt.  I was feeling SOOO bad that I was making my son share me.  That he was no longer going to be the baby.  He suddenly had to grow up.  Not to mention, how in the world could I ever love another person as much as I loved that little boy of mine?

I figured it out really fast.

I found that it comes naturally.  We don’t have to choose to, we just do.  Otherwise, I would not be on my way to having my 7th child.  :P

What’s on My Mind?

On Sunday, I hit the 27 weeks along mark.  That means I’m officially in the 3rd trimester.  My baby should currently be about 2.2 pounds and 14.5 inches long.

I’m still not feeling baby move as often as I’d like to, but the frequency is definitely increasing.  It’s getting more and more obvious that there’s a little human growing in there.  My belly is gigantic and I dread getting asked when I’m due.  Most people gasp and ask if I’m sure there’s not two in there.  While we were on vacation, when the cashier at Walgreens asked if I was sure there was just one, my husband said totally straight faced, “There’s 4 in there”.  The fact that she almost believed it was a bit comical.  I assured her that we were quite sure there was only one.  My common answer is, “not until March, I get really big”.

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Of course, I do have a theory on that.  From my T-tapp days, I learned that people who tend to gain more weight in the tummy (like me) don’t have very much room from the top of their hip to their lowest rib.  The space for mine is probably a couple inches or so.  Some people have a good 5-10  inches.  Because I’m considered a short torso, I tend to show my weight in the tummy, because there’s no where else for me to hide it.  When I’m pregnant, I tend to poke out really early and  quite a lot as I get further along, too….because there’s no where for me to put it all.  Those with an 8 inch space between their hip and rib tend to not show nearly as early in pregnancy because they have more open space to hide some baby bits.  :)

Next week, I’ll be heading in to do my gestational diabetes screening.  I always dread that.  I’ve had to go back for the 3 hour test a couple of other pregnancies, but I’ve never been diagnosed with gestational diabetes, thankfully!  I’m hoping for the same results this month.

My weight gain has been pretty good.  I didn’t gain anything at my last appointment.  I’ve gained about 15 pounds total this pregnancy, so I’m hoping to keep it at another 10 pounds or less until the end.  I was already enough overweight even though I had lost a lot right before I found out I was pregnant.  I don’t want to add to it any more than I have to.

Do You Know What You’re Having Yet?

Funny you should ask.  :)  Why yes, the baby was finally cooperative enough to show us!  Yay!

It turns out, we are having exactly what I thought we were having.




We already have 4 girls, so this one will fit right in!


So now it’s your turn.  If you’re currently expecting a baby, comment or send me an email telling me how your pregnancy is going.  I love hearing from you


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