Junk Free Christmas Gift Ideas (for Kids)

There seems to be a trend with some sets of grandparents.  They love Christmas so much that they want to buy loads of gifts for their grandchildren.  Sometimes they think that the sheer amount of gifts will make up for the quality of them.  The truth is, most of us parents cringe at the thought of zillions of little toys and knick knacks coming into our homes.  Not that we don’t want our kids to be happy and have fun, but it can be hard to find a place for all those things!

Finding a place for everything is a daily struggle in our family of 8, soon to be 9.  We like stuff too much.  We want to hold onto it forever, especially if someone special gave it to us.  So….if you know of a grandparent who goes a little overboard, here are some great gifting ideas that you can pass on to them.  After all, grandparents don’t want to be a burden, they just love making their grandchildren happy!  I’m writing this post from the perspective of what to tell the grandparents, but really, this list can work for anyone who needs ideas of what to give your family.

Junk Free Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids!  


Junk Free Christmas Gift Ideas for Christmas

Request a consumable present

Sporting Events Tickets.  Concerts.  Movie Passes.  Restaurant Gift Cards.  A Vacation.  A special one on one outing with the grandparents.

Request a larger, group present

 My parents once gave my children a new trampoline.  They have loved that thing!  I’ve also known grandparents to buy zoo memberships, theme park season’s passes, museum passes, TV’s, gaming systems, go carts, Four Wheelers and more.  It just depends on the budget and the desire of the family.

Kids Magazines

Kids love to get mail.  They also love to read about things that interest them.  There’s many great magazines that would fit this.  Highlights and National Geographic Kids are just a couple to think about.

Ask Grandparents to Donate to Charity

 Let the grandparents know that your children have plenty of things and that they prefer that you provide for a family in need.  Maybe even let the children go with the grandparents to pick the gifts out for that family.  There’s Toys 4 Tots, Angel Trees and many more programs for families in need at Christmas time.

Request a Family Outing  

The grandparents could plan a night of fun for your whole family!  How about bowling?  Ice Skating?  Roller Skating?  a Movie Night complete with Popcorn & Drinks?

Request Only 3-4 Gifts

If the grandparents tend to buy many gifts, ask them to please stick to the rule of 3, maybe 4.  Something you want, something you need, something to read and something to share.  Of course, in our family, if we all get 3 or 4 items, we suddenly have 24-32 new items to bring in the house.  I’d prefer to ask for what’s coming up in the next point.

Request Only 1 Bigger Ticket Item

Bigger ticket to you could mean $25 or it could mean $125.  Each family will be different.  Just set a dollar amount and then give them some ideas of what your child would like within that dollar range.  We love to choose presents that will be fun for the kids, but could possibly cross over into learning activities as well.  I’m sure you have plenty ideas on that!

 Does that spark any ideas for you?  What would you add to this list?  


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