6 Clutter Free Christmas Gift Ideas for a Homeschooling Mom Like Me

Sometimes, we moms are hard to buy for, aren’t we?  Why?  The things we want are either really practical OR really expensive!  My husband doesn’t really like to buy practical gifts for me.  If I tell him I really want some new socks, he’ll say, just go buy some socks and tell me what you really want.

6 Clutter Free Christmas Gift Ideas for a Homeschooling Mom

I know it’s last minute, so here are a few ideas that I’d be giving out, if a certain man happened to be asking (ahem….).

1.  A Date Night –  I would want it to be completely planned out by my husband, doing something we don’t normally do.  While movies are fun, we tend to do that any time we get the itch to go, so I’d rather do something else spontaneous, like a concert or a show or something fun like that.  If I don’t have to make any decisions about it, and I get to be with my awesome dh, it’ll be super fun!

2.  An Organizing Assistant – We have actually talked about getting this, but can’t force ourselves to pay the money.  However, sometimes I feel like I’m drowning in clutter and would love the chance for someone to walk me through it step by step.  I tend to start and stop and never get enough accomplished.  Any time we return from a vacation where we stayed in a condo, we realize just how much stuff we have at  home and how we should get rid of at least 50% of it.  Crazy, huh?

3.  A Family Closet – I would love, love, love to be able to put all of our clothes away in the same room.  I can’t seem to think of where we’d put a family closet right now, so that may take an architect and/or builder to help us get that done.  Because of that, I have a feeling this one is not going to happen, lol.   A girl can dream, right?

4.  A new Bosch Mixer – My Bosch is working fine, however the blender attachment quit working and it’s sooooo old that I can’t replace the parts any more.  I’d love to have a more up to date one.

5.  An Amazon Gift Card – Wouldn’t it be fun to have a shopping spree there?  I’d love books, clothes, shoes, kitchenware and many other things.  See, I’m not too hard to please after all, am I?

6.  A Girls Weekend Away to a Great Homeschool Conventions Homeschool Conference  - {affiliate links included}  Think about how relaxed I could be with my dh offering to care for our 6 children while I’m away with my friends getting a recharge of my mom battery!  There’s going to be comedians, homeschool encouragement and loads of homeschooling inspiration.  Of course, money for the vendor hall should definitely be included because I would have so much fun shopping in there!

There’s 3 different locations to choose from:  Cincinatti, OH; Greenville, SC; and Ontario, California (in 2015, they’re coming to Texas!).  If we can convince our husband’s to order us the tickets now, they’ll save a little money, because ticket prices go up on January 2nd!

What about you?  What would you put on the list that would be different from me?


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