The Tiger Cake

It seems like we’re having lots of birthdays around here.  One a month all summer long!  August is the month that my fourth child was born!  She turned 7 this month!  She and her older sister, poured over the Family Fun website looking for fun cakes that we could make for her upcoming birthday.  She chose the Tiger Birthday Cake.

My 12 year old made this cake for me.  I think she did a great job!



  • One Circle Cake & 2 Cupcakes (we used 2 cake mixes and had leftover cupcakes)
  • Frosting tinted orange + a small amount of chocolate frosting for the stripes
  • Jelly Beans  (2 green & 2 black)
  • Peppermint patties


Bake your circle cake & cupcakes as directed on recipe/packaging.  Frost them orange.  If you buy frosting in a container, you will probably want to thicken it with powdered sugar, making it easier to work with.  We made our orange frosting from scratch, but bought the chocolate frosting and had to thicken it.  (It was way too runny to work with before.)  After the frosting was thickened, she put it in a plastic baggy with the corner cut off and a cake decorator’s tip stuck down into it to form a decorator’s bag.  Then, she drew on the squiggly lines for the stripes and the oval shapes for the eyes.    When all the lines were done, it was time to place the candy on the cake to finish the face.  Refer to the picture above for an example of how the candy is placed.  Please realize that you will need to cut some of your peppermint patties into the right shapes.



Here’s some more pictures of our birthday girl.  We generally have a family birthday party, complete with her 6 cousins and grandparents.  That’s normally a big enough party for us!

She just saw the new bike she was getting!

Giving that bike a try with the help of her older sister!

and finally, blowing out all 7 of those candles!

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