A Taco Salad Lunch

Welcome back to Get Motivated Mondays!  I hope you’re enjoying this series where I share ways to stay motivated to be healthier.  Today I’m sharing about an easy lunch that I enjoy:

This is one of THE EASIEST healthy lunches that I make for myself when I’m trying to up my vegetable consumption.

  • Chop up some Romaine lettuce.  (try not to use iceberg because it’s not worth much nutritionally)
  • Top it with Fat Free Refried Beans (because the other stuff is mixed with high fat lard and/or vegetable oils)
  • I usually top it with some cheese, sour cream and jalapenos.  (I know the cheese and sour cream has some fat content in it, but I find that I do better throughout the day with this added…so long as I don’t go overboard!)
  • Salsa is a natural choice to top this salad.  It’s low in fat and calories and gives it the extra zing it needs!

I usually choose to omit taco chips and it still tastes like a delicious Mexican meal but leaves the extra calories out.

This is a picture of the chicken taco salad I made from the chicken tacos slow cooker recipe that I shared before. You can view that alternate recipe by clicking on the picture.


Do you have an easy lunch that is good for you, yet doesn’t take long to prepare?  I’d love to hear about it here!


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  1. says

    This looks very good– I'm hungry . . . good idea for lunch!

    One easy lunch recipe I know is rice with curry and chicken. It's quick if you pre-cook the rice and pre-cook the chicken (I use chicken that has been picked from the bones and then frozen in small packages). We use a curry blend that is really tasty, along with a small amount of butter and some vegetables– usually french cut green beans (quicker to heat up).

  2. Beth says

    I make a greek salad. Cut up some tomato, cucumber, green onion or onion, black olives, avocado, low fat feta cheese and top with olive oil and red wine vinegar. Yummy. Been eating this alot lately. How about some marinated artichoke hearts too, they are pricey, but sometimes for a splurge I indulge. Happy healthy eating!

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