Week 3, Freezer to Slow Cooker

You’ve been asking for it and it is now, finally here!  This week’s menu is maybe even one of my simplest yet.  I don’t know if you’ll throw rocks at me or love me!  Either way, I’m going to share it because it’s so easy and will save you some serious time.  The only problem with this menu is that you have to peel potatoes for 2 of the meals.  That is your most time consuming part.  I bought a 50 pound bag of potatoes for $10 and I’m trying to use them up!  I am providing the recipes and ideas for the main dishes.  You will need to come up with sides and add that to your shopping list.

Here’s what we’re eating:

Slow Cooker Potato Soup
Roast, Potatoes & Carrots
BBQ Chicken
Italian Chicken
Slow Cooker Pinto Beans

I have linked 4 of the recipes, but the other 2 are so simple that I’m not going to link to them.  I’ll give you a quick rundown right here.

BBQ Chicken:

BBQ Chicken on Sidetracked Sarah

Cook a bag of chicken breast in a bottle of BBQ sauce in the slow cooker on high for 4 hours or low for 6-8 hours.  You could later shred it for sandwiches if you wanted to, but it’s good either way.  This is so easy, you don’t even need to prep it for Freezer to Slow Cooker.

Italian Chicken
Italian Chicken - A Freezer to Slow Cooker Meal

Pour a bag of chicken breast with a bottle of Italian Chicken Marinade into your slow cooker.  (I’ve heard that Italian Dressing will do, too).  Cook it on high for 4 hours or on low for 6-8 hours.

Tip:  With chicken, I almost always just throw it into my slow cooker frozen.  It always turns out awesome!  

Shopping List:

2 bags of frozen chicken breast
Ham (enough for 3 cups of chopped)
Ground Beef – 2 pounds
Roast (big enough for your family)

chicken bouillon granules
Onion Soup Mix
BBQ Sauce (2 bottles)
Italian Marinade (1 bottle)
Chili Beans x 2
taco seasoning packet
Oil (for frying tortillas)
Jalapeno Peppers (Optional topping)
Salsa (Optional Topping)
Pinto beans (2 pound bag)

Flour Tortillas


potatoes (I’d want 10 pounds…but it’s enough for 2 meals, so decide based on your family size)
celery (optional, we always leave it out)
onions (2-3)

Carrots – 2 pound bag
Lettuce (optional topping)

Milk (need 2 cups)
Cheddar Cheese (3 cups

Sour Cream (optional topping)
Assembly Instructions:
  1. Cook Ground Beef & Drain.
  2. Stir in 2 cans of Chili Beans & Taco Seasoning
  3. Put cooked mixture in freezer safe bag labeled Montereys.
  4. Chop 1/3 cup of celery, 3 onions and bag of carrots.
  5. Dice 3 cups of Ham
  6. Put celery, 1 onion and 3/4 cup of ham into a freezer bag with chicken bouillon granules, salt and pepper.
  7. Label bag with Potato Soup & Freeze
  8. Mix onion soup in 2 cups of water and pour into a freezer safe bag.
  9. Put Roast into bag.  Seal, label Roast
  10. Put sliced carrots into another bag, labeled Roast and attach it to the roast bag with a stapler.
  11. Put 2 cups of ham, one chopped onion, 1 T. cumin & 1 t. salt in freezer safe bag.
  12. Label bag Pinto Beans & Freeze
  13. Put remaining chopped onions in container in the refrigerator for use as toppings during the week.
  14. Optional:  Chop potatoes that you’ll be using and store in refrigerator covered in water until you’re ready to use them.  Be sure to use them within 2-3 days
That’s it!  You will need to follow the directions on the individual recipes on the cooking day.  The purpose of this post is so that you can have a place for your shopping list and your assembly instructions all in one place.
If you’ve missed them, you should check out Week One and Week Two.


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  1. Jane says

    I love your ideas and definitely want to try them. Are the recipe links disabled? I can't get to the recipes. Any suggestions?

    • Sidetracked Sarah says

      Yes, I noticed that was a problem. I think it has to do with my changes to my website that we're making. I am hoping to fix it very soon! In the mean time, you can probably search for it. If my search box isn't working, you could search google for sidetracked sarah, name of recipe and it should bring it up. So sorry for the inconvenience. I'll try to post when it's all fixed!

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