Is Your Celery Wilting?

Today, my son was doing a science experiment.  You  know the one.  Put a piece of celery in a glass of colored water and watch as the color moves up to the top through the veins of the celery.  Well, what I was amazed about was the fact that if it’s wilted, it regains it’s crunch.  Keep in mind, I don’t really like celery, so I tend to think you can just leave it out if a dish calls for it.  I just don’t buy it very much.  But my kids do like it, so I’m trying to have it around a little more often for quick healthy snacks for them.

So you can get a piece of celery that is falling over, limp and wilted that looks like this:

To look like this.

This one is extra leafy because it’s the small inner stalks….but I was impressed how even the leaves came back to life.

You do need to cut off the end of the stalk first so that it can get as much water through as possible.  I know, I’m probably the only one out there in cyberland who didn’t know this, but just in case I’m not, I thought I’d share it with you.  So no more throwing that wilted celery out.  Got it?

Oh and another tip from my mom.  (I should have her write for me once a week, don’t you think?!)

You can cut the end off of celery.  This part right here:

Once you cut it off (you need 1-2 inches off the bottom), you put it in a bowl of water and it will start growing a new plant.  You can keep eating the leafy stuff off of it if you want or you can wait and once its roots are plentiful, put it in dirt, making sure to keep it moist, and let it get as big as you like.  Amazing, huh?

So, please tell me I’m not the only one who didn’t know how to regain a celery’s crunch.  

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  1. Sidetracked Sarah says

    That's a good idea. I always buy it, intending to use it and then let it wilt before I do. Thankfully now, I can fix that problem!

  2. Sidetracked Sarah says

    It's still good to know I'm not all alone in it. :) I'm not necessarily a good sampling on kitchen knowledge either. I try to stay out of there as much as I possibly can.

  3. KimH says

    You can also grow onions that way too.. <G> I knew that but Im probably your moms age, or older. Thats why they used to make celery crispers, containers you put a little bit of water in & put your celery in.

    Also, dont EVER toss limp celery or any other veggies. Chop them up and put it on a cookie sheet in a 135° or 140° oven for a while or a dehydrator, dry them, & and save it in a jar for soups & stews. It lasts a long long time dehyrated. I buy extras just for this purpose. Fresh is great if you have it, but dried is a miracle in action.

  4. Sandee says

    I bring mine home and rinse it then wrap the whole thing in aluminum foil, and put it back in the bag from the store in the bottom of fridge it lasts longer than 2 weeks!

  5. says

    I knew how to crisp it, but didn't know you could root it. My daughter is always asking me if she can use *anything* that we cut from the veggies to try to grow more (seeds from bell peppers, carrots, sweet potatoes, etc.) We haven't tried yet–I need to just say YES! My favorite reason to keep celery around? It is great to eat Nutella on it–I am sure they cancel each other out. 😉

    New to via the new HomeschoolBlogging site. *wave* Hi!

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